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17759212_10208945726426238_2026258152_o.jpgChef Thomas Murillo

April is a busy month for a good number of people in the food service industry as Madrid Fusion 2017 takes place.  From April 6 – 8, 2017 at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City, people from near and far places come together to share their passion for food.  Part of the delegation representing Calabarzon is the chef behind the placed tagged as “definitely not your ordinary food find among the rising places at Tagaytay Ridge”; this is Chef Thomas Murillo of Wild Juan.


His love for food started young and he took his first step towards it during his sophomore year as a Consular and Diplomatic Affairs student at the College of Saint Benilde.  He decided to take commercial cooking and culinary arts at First Gourmet Academy and had his apprenticeship at 2nds after.  This lead him further by becoming one of the pioneering member behind Paprika PH and years later his own restaurant at a family-owned place at Tagaytay Ridge.  Wild Juan is born.


Wild Juan bears the concept of East meets West and is delivered with the hospitality of Filipinos in the Southern part of Luzon.   His food creations are something that we are all familiar with but are delivered with a twist and flair.  Perfect sample are the Sisig Paksiw, Krispy Kasoy Kare-Kare (KKK) and Gumbulalo.  Three common dishes but comes with a new level of flavor and goodness due to techniques and passion.


Learning never ends for Chef Thomas as he earns his NCII Commercial Cooking and ServSafe:  Food Safety & Sanitation certificates.  He pushes himself to be the best and at par to the world, thus making his quality for food high and passion much higher.  He doesn’t stop there as he then shares his knowledge and passion this coming Madrid Fusion 2017 to foreign delegates and proudly represent Calabarzon.

Chef Thomas Murillo, stays humble yet proud of his craft thus from love of food it now is a burning passion.  Come at the biggest food event this season at the SMX in Pasay or visit Wild Juan located at KM 68 Tagaytay-Nasugbu Highway and experience the comfort and passion that he shares at every plate served.


The Wild Juan is located at KM 68 Pinesville, Tagaytay- Nasugbu(National) Highway, Tagaytay City, 4120, Philippines

For Inquiries/reservation: +63 9154324196    +63 9178404211


When in Subic…. Eat at My Mommy’s House of Kare Kare!


Subic Freeport is a melting pot of diverse people – both local and foreigners love visiting Subic Freeport not just for the outlet stores of our favorite brands but also the food.

From Japanese, Korean to Indian food Subic has a lot to offer. But the best is still home cooked meals prepared by our Mommy. If craving for some you can have your home cooked meal by Mommy at My Mommy’s House of Kare Kare.

Its quaint design brings a very homey feel to its customers that they keep coming back for more.

And being known for their Kare Kare, My Mommy’s House of Kare Kare brings you delicious Kare Kare that is so good that even without the preserved fish paste it still tastes great.

If craving Italian, My Mommy’s House of Kare Kare also offers authentically made Pizza – all its ingredients are all from Italy to be true to its word and also cooked in an oven for that perfect bite.

Check out My Mommy’s House of Kare Kare when you are in Subic.

To know more about My Mommy’s House of Kare Kare follow them on Facebook for updates.

Zoomanity Group Presents Dinner in the Dark


Ever wonder what it would be like to be blind? Get a chance to open your eyes with their “dark” condition at a special dinner event called “Dinner in the Dark” by Zoomanity Group.This great cause will give you a unique experience of dining in total darkness and understand how it is to be blind.This exceptional event will create awareness amongst us what it is like to lose our sense of sight and appreciate it even more.

In this regard we would like to invite you for a special dinner with the blind on the dates indicated in the poster. For registration, please contact TAG Media and Public Relations at 09166299381 or send email to maria@asiaecommerce.ph

TAG Media and Public Relations handles Zoomanity Group for Marketing, Branding, Strategic Planning, Business Development, Events and Promotions.

Apag Marangle: Authentic, Kapampangan Themed Restaurant in Makati City

What is Apag Marangle?

Apag is a term of Kapampangan origin which means “handaan” or where a food is laid down/ served. Marangle in the other hand means “bukid” in Kapampangan. So ‘Apag Marangle’ means kind of like “hain sa bukid” in Tagalog.


*photo grabbed from google

Makati city, Philippines.

Kapampangan food is one of the local cuisines here in the Philippines that is very much known to us. From its bold and savory dishes to its one of a kind dishes such as Camaru or crickets every Filipino is surely enamored by it.

And Apag Marangle will surely tickle your taste buds without traveling outside of Manila for it! Located at the metro’s business hub – Makati city, they offer great deals good for the whole family.

You can choose from the variety of boodle fights which is great for 5-6 people And prices would start at 1,100 pesos. They have four offerings which are

ASIKAN (Bukid) (1,100 php)

Ensaladang Paco (Fiddle head fern salad with salted eggs and special apag marangle dressing)

Sale Manuk (Chicken and lemon grass soup with corn)

Ningnang Liemp (Broiled pork belly)

Pritung Tilapia(Fried Tilapia)

Plain Rice

Nasing Marangle (Apag Marangle’s version of paella)

DAYAT MALAT (Dagat) (1,700php)

Ensaladang Manggang Bubot(Green Mango Salad)

Sigang Paro King Sampalok(Shrimp cooked in fresh tamarind juice)

Pritong Bangus (Fried Milkfish)

Minantikilyang Ema(Buttered Crab)

Ningnang Pusit (Broiled squid stuffed with herbs, tomato and onions)

Tabang Talangka Rice (Crab paste rice)

Plain Rice

MANANGU (Biyahero) (1,600 php)

Ensaladang Ampalaya (Bitter Melon Salad)

Balatung (Mongo beans soup with peeled shrimps)

Pelutungan Manuk (Fried Chicken)

Pepalasing Paro (Drunken Shrimps)


Nasing Marangle(Apag Marangle’s version of paella)

Plain Rice

KABALENAN (Bayan) (1,500php)

Chicharong Bulaklak

Suam Mais (Corn soup in clay pot)

Humba (Pork belly braised in yellow bean paste)

Kare-Kare (Filipino stew of beef oxtail and tripe on a creamy peanut sauce)

Chicken Barbecue

Plain Rice

Garlic Rice

So make sure to head over at Apag Marangle with your friends and family and have a boodle fun time!

Oishii! Hattendo’s Japanese Chilled Cream Buns, Now in the Philippines!

The Tasting EventLast August 27, 2015, I was graciously invited to a first-of-its-kind tasting event at SM Megamall in Ortigas by Hattendo Philippines.

the stall

Located along the 2nd Floor of Mega Fashion Hall Bldg B, Hattendo Philippines is conveniently positioned at the center of the walkway facing Uniqlo. After a hearty talk about the history of Hattendo and its unique process of making Japanese chilled cream buns by the company CEO Drason T. Chen, we were given a mouth-wateringly tasty set to try out in several different flavors like custard, chocolate, Azuki Beans, Mango, among others.


*photo from Google

They said that the buns were best partnered with hot drinks like tea or coffee. Since the buns are not as overwhelmingly sweet as other to-go choices like donuts and ice cream, these can also be paired with cold drinks such as milk tea.

As a delectable choice for to-go food you can eat while going around the mall or in transit, you can buy the chilled cream buns in singles and eat them while moving. However, in Japan, it is a cultural norm to stay in one place as you eat since it is socially unacceptable to consume your food while walking.

Insulator bags

I was impressed at the level of skill and craft that went into making the buns, as they were made solely by hands for safety and quality, and keeping them fresh with a set timeframe from delivery to consumption. These Chilled Cream Buns are made right in Japan and go through a very precise freezing process for international shipping handled locally by C3 Premium Partnerships, Inc. Every day at 9:00 AM, the buns are thawed and ready to be sold. These buns are good for about 24 to 26 hours if properly handled after thawing. You shouldn’t make the mistake of refreezing them but you can place them in the fridge. If you look at the back of the wrappers on each bun they curiously indicate 3 simultaneous dates. The first date indicates the time when it tastes at its best with the fullness of its flavor. Since the buns were thawed at 9:00 AM, these will be best consumed before 2:00 PM of the next day. The second date is the production date and indicates the day when the buns were made. When frozen properly and not thawed, the buns will last up to 6 months. So that leads us to the third date which is 6 months after the production date of the buns or the expiry date. In the Japanese spirit of precision and mastery, Hattendo goes through such great lengths to ensure a truly fresh food experience.

The term Omiyage (お土産), in Japanese culture, is just like the Filipinos’ concept of pasalubong and the company encourages the essence of sharing with your family and loved ones. As of this writing, Hattendo here in the Philippines does not sell frozen buns. However, if you buy them by boxes of 6 and you would want to take them home as a pasalubong or gift for your family or friends, you can buy an insulator bag for only 50 pesos which comes with two jelly ice packs to keep them cold while you’re in transit. You can just get more jelly ice packs if you will take more travel time on the road. If purchased separately from the buns, these insulated bags cost 70 pesos. As the Christmas season is fast approaching, this could be the best original and unforgettable omiyage, pasalubong or gift for everyone and anyone.

I’d like to go into detail about how the chilled cream buns are made, but I’m still too hyped up that the words elude me.

The Hattendo Tradition

“HATTENDO” is named after a small shrine that stood centuries in Hiroshima, Japan. Travelers used to rest at this small temple and prayed for their safety. “Hattendo” also means “Unlimited Prosperity”.

Mr. Kauru Morimitsu, the original founder, believed HATTENDO should be the brand name of his new venture, and opened the very first store in 1933.

Social accounts:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hattendophilippines

Website: http://hattendo.jp/cream-buns(english)/

Instagram: HattendoPhilippines

Twitter: @hattendo_ph

Email: hattendo@c3ppi.com

Official hashtag: #hattendolicious