The Blog Habits of a Barefoot Princess

Hi everyone! Welcome to my WordPress blog!

Yes, I know, I’ve written here for a long time now but I haven’t fixed my blog yet. Well, I use this blog for my creative thoughts so You might see this site as not much of a blog but more of a diary. Ha-ha! One might put it that way, really. I rarely use this because of my busy schedule but pretty soon I will be busy filling this blog up!

I wanna give away a bit of myself to all my readers. I am Ana May Dominique de Dios. My screen name is BarefotPrincess. A college student and an art and sport-enthusiast. I am not exactly good in writing but it’s really my hobby and it’s an outlet from all these stress in school and stuff. I love music! Definitely! Though because of my mood swings, I’m more on classical like Bach, Vivaldi, Mozart, Beethoven, Paganini, etc. However, I also listen to mainstream music to satisfy my art of dance. I am a writer, a dancer, an athlete and a weaver (crochet). I actually spend most of my time in Facebook! ha-ha! Because I am such a social animal. I always want a connection to people and even when I am not with them personally, I still find time to talk to them. Oh, and I’m a runner. I am not a fast or a good one yet but I train with my team to get better. I started running long distances just recently and I decided to run barefoot because it makes me fulfilled and accomplished. Read on my blog to know more,.

Happy reading and thanks for visiting my site! More power!

~Mikx “BarefootPrincess”

I may not be a perfect girl, but I’ve got a perfect God who loves me as I am.

Always smile, the storm is passing 🙂


Reply greatly appreciated!

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