Comedy Cartel, Point of View Stand Up Comedy’s Open Mic Nights at 121 Grille

The first time I have attended a stand up comedy show was last year, with Comedy Cartel. Since then, I followed them on Facebook and still be updated on their shows and a daily dose of bright and funny posts. It makes my day whenever I am able to pass by their posts on my timeline.

121 Grille, BGC Stopover, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig


The 4th time I watched their show was last July 21, 2016. It was one of the most memorable shows. First is because it was something new to me, as it was an open mic show. Second, it was a free-for-all event and anyone could be a stand up comedian for a day and who knows, you might be surprised when you try it out yourself that you have that talent in you. Last but not the least, it was the first time I had seen that many people to do stand up comedy in a 2-3 hour timeline. It was indeed overwhelming because in the last 3 shows that I have watched, only about 3 performers get to showcase their pieces. All thanks to The Big Difference Communications (TBDC) for the opportunity!

The open mic show will be every other Thursdays at 121 Grill, same place.

Six comedians from the line up was familiar to me. They are:


Joseph Montecillo

Joseph Montecillo is an Atenean. Though when he graduated high school, he got in at UP Diliman. His comedy is more focused on the education and a personal experience in his journey from a prestigious Catholic school to a state-run university. At a young age, this guy has the talent and the confidence of being up on the stage and perform. An inspiration to the young generation if you ask me.


Michelle Defensor

Yes, a Defensor, a descendant of a political family. She is a motivational speaker. Of all the speakers ever since I have watched them, she’s the rose among the thorns. Her point of view comedy is a bit more focused on her lifestyle and political family. It’s just kind of like introducing herself at the same time joking about everyday life.



Sherwin Cunanan

He was the 1st runner-up of Laugh and Stack 2014. Laugh and Stack is an initiative of Comedy Cartel as a platform for comedians to battle and come out on top. It hones each competitor’s skills and talents so each competition just gets harder and better each time. I wonder what the prize is for the winners but I heard it’s some weird stuff. Oooh I wanna see for myself!



Tim Tayag

I’ve only ever seen him perform twice, and this was the 2nd time. As I remember, his performance was just brief but concise. More on “adulting” stuff actually, but relate-able still. A little trivia about him though, he’s the pioneer of point-of-view stand-up comedy in the country and is a Fil-American. Quite obviously, due to numerous shows and TV appearances, he’s famous here and abroad. Oh, and Tim, congrats on having a new baby! A baby boy. I hope all goes well and the baby comes out healthy and handsome like you.



Renee Cruz

My golly! This guy! I actually have a secret crush on him. Lol! Please don’t tell. Ha-ha! He’s quite a tall guy. I think he’s a 6 footer. Does he play basketball? I think so. But he’s not quite sporty (ok, I’m being judgmental, sorry). Hey! He’s still cute though. Anyway, on all the shows of Comedy Cartel I’ve watched, I noticed that he’s always the emcee. Or maybe, he really is the one who introduces the performers on all of their shows. Oh, and did you know that he’s a writer for Bubble Gang in GMA? No wonder he’s so good and very articulate.

Last but not the least, the most special of all the performers that night is…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Chip Balbuena, as he is fondly called. A Komikazee awardee of Jack TV, and a 2-time Champion of Laugh and Stack. There’s a reason why he’s always the last to perform in every show I’ve watched. He never fails to make me laugh to my heart’s content! It’s like he’s born for this kind of career. I love how he impersonates and his kind of craziness is my thing. Quite unfortunate that I am still shy to approach him to have our picture taken though. (sad)


What I like about their comedy is its social relevance and the “in thing” in our day-to-day life. They give their personal touch and does not humiliate anyone in the crowd. Very intellectual jokes also are a thing for me. It not only feeds my brain but I get make sense of many things in life too.

It is important to love what you do to make it work out for you. Just like comedy. Combined effort and skill is necessary to be able to get you fueled enough to convince your crowd using your jokes.

Stay tuned for more of Comedy Cartel! 🙂 I encourage you to watch and be amazed!



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