A Brighter Life, A Brighter Future for the Youth

Indeed, true to their slogan, Sunlife Financial dreams of a brighter life, a wider reach to all the Filipinos to help them rise up and plan for their life and for their future.

June is Financial Independence month and Sun Life has prepared a month long project that will benefit the youth. Sun Life believes that when you start them young, there is more chance and opportunities for these young generation. Stability, preparedness and right education will take the youth to greater heights in their career and life dreams.

Sun Life Financial has retained its number 2 position in the industry. According to their research, the Insurance Penetration Rate in the Philippines is very low. So to address this concern, they created a new five-year growth plan dubbed “Rise PH”.

The focus of this program is Financial Significance, a rise to a brighter future. The company aims to rise from 1 million clients to 5 million by 2020.


The company has planned out initiatives and they declared this month “Financial Independence Month.” In an effort to tap and to instill financial literacy to the younger generation.

Sun Life has also launched the Money for Life initiative to break the cycle of financial dependencies. According to them, a lifelong journey needs a lifelong plan, so it’s better to prepare for every stages of life. Money for Life is a comprehensive, customizable financial planning program that will ensure that the client will have sufficient funds for ever stage of his or her life.

The Money for Life program has what they call the “Bus to the Future.” On the launch of these programs, the bloggers were given the chance to experience first hand the “kick of inspiration.” The bus is an experiential bus wherein the moment you step into the bus and wear the Virtual Reality box, you will immediately be transported to an ideal world and you will see what the future would be like when you invest early and prepare for your life ahead. There will also be Money for Life planners inside the bus to advice those who will be inspired to invest for their future.

The bus will be taken around Metro Manila, Nuvali and Cebu and will go around malls, universities and colleges. They are pushing this initiatives for the young people, starting out their future and preparing for their life after college. Basically Sun Life will be doing a campus tour. Among the stops are, BGC High Street (June 11), Eastwood (June 19), SM City Cebu (June 25) and Solenad, Nuvali (July 2). The universities would include Mapua Institute of Technology (June 2), Ateneo Graduate School of Business (June 12), De La Salle University (June 16), University of the Philippines (June 17), San Sebastian College (June 20), University of San Carlos Cebu (June 24), Lyceum of the Philippines University Manila (June 29), and the University of the Philippines Los Banos (June 30).

There is also a web-based application where one can go to and create a plan according to what fits their needs. Money for Life e-Planner (Online Platform) You only need your computer, tablet or phone as long as you are connected to the internet. It provides the summary of the plans and your Top 3 options. You will be able to see a CALL TO ACTION in the same page that will take you one step closer to your future goals. There will be a step by step procedure. Simply go to Money For Life e-Planner.

When asked, what would be the right time or age to start investing, Mr. Aya Laraya, a life coach said, as early as one can, with the basic rate of as low as Php 5,000.

As part of the Yuppies, youth generation, I would want to start investing because I know how hard life is especially that we need money and security in order to live our dreams. As early as 17, I had to start working for my own allowance and projects so I couldn’t save much but for the generation that lives on the present, instead of spending for travels now, I would suggest saving for an investment so that you can live the life you dream of in the future. Because being stable enables you to prepare and manage your money well for the security of you and your loved one’s future.


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