Roman Romulo, Para sa Edukasyon

Back  in my senior year in high school, I just came back to Manila from UAE where I studied high school. I went to a new school and adjusted myself to new people. Since it was our last year in high school, we had this career talk in school and guess what? Roman Romulo was our guest speaker.

I don’t remember much of what he said though because it’s been a while but I remember it was about education and how important it is for us, for our parents and for our country’s future. We are the voice, the hope of our country so that’s why he’s been focusing on education. I didn’t care much about politics because I didn’t really believe in our government but now that I think of it, Roman is one of those who’s really worth voting for considering his clean slate and very successful projects in the local scene.


5 years later, we met again. This time, in his humble abode. After the introduction of the senatoriables under the Partido Galing at Puso (PGP), I was one of the bloggers who were invited to their home in Pasig City.

The place was very welcoming and it’s relaxing like a zen house. We stayed in the family room near the garden. Outside the glass panels, you can see a clear view of the garden and the gazebo. Perfect place for a barbecue party, and a view for relaxation as well.


Inside the room I was really curious of the shelf that has some unfamiliar books, but there are also a few familiar ones like Dante’s Inferno and the Twilight Series. We wondered who were reading those and was surprised that Shalani is such a fan. Oh, and when we asked about their quality time together, they mentioned that they like watching TV series together before going to sleep. After a busy day at work, they relax and just enjoy watching mostly American series. When I asked if they watch horror movies/series, Mr. Roman said his wife Shalani doesn’t watch Horror films. The reason? It’s pretty much obvious why, right?


I really wasn’t aware that Roman Romulo was married to Shalani Soledad because back when I first met him he was still single. It’s been 3 years into the marriage and when asked if they have time to go out and date, due to their busy schedules, they rarely do but they still find the time though watching and eating together at home could do for them already.

On a side note, Shalani cooks the best Pancit Malabon. She let us taste her cooking during our interview with the couple and I was really amazed at how she cooks because she is very hands on on things in their home.


Roman as a congress man, as a government official, as an attorney has done a lot of successful projects and he is the Father of the Iskolar ng Bayan Law. He also pushes for the Freedom of Information bill that would benefit the BPOs since the Philippines is a play-maker in that industry.

Watch this video below for his Iskolar ng Bayad campaign ad.

Some useful information about his projects and contributions can be found in this infographic below as well.



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