Urban Generation Calamba Grand Opening

Just in time for Christmas shopping! After so much preparations, sleepless nights and excitement, the Grand Opening day of Urban Generation in Calamba, Laguna finally came.


Early in the morning, we can already see the crowd outside the 3-storey building to witness a historic event for Urban Generation.



Urban Generation – Humble Beginnings

Founded and established by Mr. Renato Uy, as how every business started, Urban Generation was a small shoe store which eventually grew into 6 branches and the brand itself offers trendy outfits and apparels, shoes and bags for men, women and children alike.


The current endorsers and brand ambassadors of Urban Generation are Alden Richards, Sofia Andres and Bea Binene

Of the 3 endorsers, Bea Binene was the one who graced the event together with the newest brand ambassadress Ms. Calamba.



Ms. Bea Binene arrives at the Grand Opening ceremony

Besides from Ms. Bea Binene, Ms. Calamba, Mr. and Ms. Urban Generation – Calamba, and the mayor of Calamba Hon. Justine Chipeco graced the event.


Mayor Justine Chipeco (green polo shirt) and Mr. Renato Uy (long sleeved polo)

Shortly after Ms. Bea Binene arrived, her fans were really excited and hyped to meet her in person. Some of her lucky fans were chosen to go inside for a meet and greet and photo ops with her after the program.

When everything was good to go and everyone settled down, the ribbon cutting ceremony was commenced. They were all smiles and laughter was all around the place.


Then some words of gratitude and welcoming were given by Mr. Renato Uy, the owner of Urban Generation and of course the guests of honors were given the chance to say their gratitude towards the people who came to the opening of Urban Generation’s 6th store.


Mr. Renato Uy saying words of gratitude and welcoming

Then there was the Photo Opportunity with fans, staff and guests of honors


Ms. Bea Binene and her lucky fans from Calamba, Laguna

After the Photo opportunity, Mayor Chipeco, Ms. Bea Binene and Mr. Renato Uy went up to tour around the 3 floors of the store and then settled at the 2nd floor for a short interview session.


Some more photo opportunity with the guest of honors followed after and then to cap it all off, Mr. Renato Uy hosted a luncheon with the guests of honor, media, fans, staff and other special guests at a Chinese restaurant in Calamba.


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