Erase Solutions, products and more


Under Jaoming Marketing Corporation Inc, their Mission is to provide affordable, effective, high quality and ground-breaking skin care products and services.

Erase’s vision is to provide the most trusted name and best leading marketing services and beauty product provider to all leading establishments and merchants to make all people satisfied, happy, fit and healthy through the usage of their skin product.


In 1991, UK Derm Pharma was founded by Mr. Louie Gamboa. The company specialized in skin care products such as Astringents and papaya soaps. Meanwhile, back in 2006, Jaoming Marketing Corp. or JMC, was incorporated to market and distribute new products of UK Derm nationwide. Erase Solution and Erase Placenta was launched. A year after, in 2007, JMC launched Jiao Ming Glutathione soap with Ms. Iwa Moto as their celebrity endorser.


In 2008, Erase Concert Series was launched in Cebu featuring Hale and Callalily. JMC then started selling products at Watsons. 2009 was the year for Valerie Conception. JMC got her as the newest endorser for Erase. However, 2010 was the transition to the new endorser, Ms. Toni Gonzaga for Erase Solution and Erase Placenta.


JMC started selling products at SM Supermarkets that same year as well. Then in year 2012, JMC joined PBA D-League with Erase Xfoliant Team.

Some of their products include:


(Top Left: Pimple Solution with Rose Extracts, Top Center: Xfoliant Placenta Soap, Top Right: Sexa-Peel Exfoliant Solution Maintenance, Bottom Left: GlutaProtect+ and Bottom Right: Erase Placenta soap)

Xfoliant Placenta Soap and Sexa-Peel Exfoliant Solution (Maintenance):


Erase Xfoliant Placenta soap provides skin with whitening, anti-ageing and moisturizing effect with mild exfoliating beads to get rid of dirt and dead skin cells that cling on skin surfaces and embedded oils and sebum. Massaging the skin with this soap containing mild exfoliant gives the skin a fresher and cleaner feeling. The result? a whiter, clearer, younger complexion and fresher feeling every time you bath.

Sexa-peel’s health benefits include:

Get rid of skin blemishes
Eliminates dark spots
Whitens skin
Smooths skin
Improves skin quality

Erase Pimple Solution with Rose Extracts:


Contains Rose extracts that kill pimple-causing bacteria. Its deep-cleansing ingredients remove excess oil and stubborn dirt that cause whiteheads and blackheads. It heals pimple in as fast as two days. It also helps unclog and refine skin pores preventing the onset of new ones.

Jiao Ming GlutaProtect+


Gluta Protect whitening and germicidal soap
Nourish your skin with a combination of GLUTA whitening power antioxidant working in synergy with derma protector against germs together with UV protecting. Restores natural moisture lost by the skin’s everyday exposure to the sun, wind, and other harmful radicals. All in one soap to achieve a whiter, fairer, germ free, more radiant and stronger skin for the entire body.

Erase PLACENTA with Shea Butter


The Erase PLACENTA 3-in-1 Magic soap with Shea Butter provides a more concentrated whitening anti-ageing, and an enhanced moisturizing effect that promises to give your skin a whiter and younger appearance. It is dermatologically-tested and is safe and effective for everyday use.


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