The Makeover Lounge Media Launch

From a tiring but fruitful day, I told myself I needed to relax and one of the most go-to places for a me-time and rewarding oneself from a job well done is to a spa.

Buena Familia star Angelu De Leon partnered with Phoemela Baranda and recently opened The Makeover Lounge located at Ground Floor, 81 Xavier Residences, 81 Xavier St. Barangay Greenhills, San Juan. Manila, Philippines.

After a day going around manila, TBDC bloggers attended the Media Launch of The Makeover Lounge. Upon arriving at the venue, I immediately perceived a class A ambiance and it is very relaxing as it is beside a pool area.

Though it seems feel classy and ‘Sosyal’, the prices are really affordable without even sacrificing the quality of services and the state-of-the-art equipment of the salon and spa.

I opted for a pedicure since it’s been due a long time, for me at least. Seated at the far end-left side of the service area, I have a good view of the entire place. I also noticed the color play because matches the mood of the salon, white and teal. It’s like fresh water and clouded sky.

Before the start of the pedicure, the staff clicked and adjusted settings on a remote, which seemed to be the massage chair’s. I am in for a treat! It was really a brief moment but it was very relaxing, I enjoyed the massage chair more though because I really needed the massage.

Try it yourself! It is the best treat for your me-time with your friends and family. They also offer a Spa Party package so do try it out!

*Photos to follow (technical error by website) you can find the picture on my Facebook for the mean time, here.


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