Guest Post: Holistic Experience at JAB House of Zen

At first I thought it was going to be a typical spa treatment – you get a massage to relieve the stresses in your body. I needed a breather at the time so I went along. We were ushered in to a room with a few sizable beds and I was made to lie down face up. The masseur put a couple of drops of green liquid (which I found out later to be chlorophyll) in each of my eyes, causing a mild sting akin to what you would get from chopping onions. He carefully wiped off the excess liquid with cotton buds and placed it in a small cup. I remained observant as the liquid was applied several times, although I noticed that my vision was getting clearer and I seemed to have a literally ‘fresher’ perspective. The masseur then showed me the cup of transparent liquid where a few wriggly organisms could be seen swimming around. These looked like connect-the-dots figures the size of an ant, but would be invisible to the human eye if not for the green tint of chlorophyll. I couldn’t believe these were residing in my eyes for all this time, so I thought the stinging pain was a small price to pay to get them out and keep my eyes healthy (who thinks of doing that?) He proceeded to pour alcohol into the cup and the worms started thrashing about as if they were burning and quickly died.

In the next phase of the treatment, the chlorophyll solution was dropped in each of my nostrils several times. By now I understood that this helps to rid the breathing pathways of parasites, but it felt a bit like drowning in shallow water. I was told to spit out the fluid (yes, the procedure is a bit icky, but it’s worth it) as soon as I couldn’t bear it, but I was able to hold it in for a while as I wanted to get the full benefits of the treatment. Although my throat felt a bit uncomfortable for thirty minutes after, my breathing felt fuller and less obstructed afterwards.

The last part of the treatment was done by a masseuse who specialized in spinal alignment. She proceeded to stretch certain parts of my back, arms and legs and I felt like I was regaining my posture. I was never good at standing or sitting up straight, yet after the treatment I felt like I haven’t walked upright for the longest time.

It wasn’t what I expected from a usual spa treatment, but I would definitely do it again since I’ve learned to appreciate how the people at JAB House of Zen Holistic Center take care of your welfare beyond traditional methods of fostering better circulation and relieving stress. I’ll be sure to check the rest of their treatments out. They still have a wide array of services I’ve yet to discover.



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