Comedy Cartel @VU’s Bar, Marco Polo Ortigas

comedy cartel

“Comic Mondays” was the new theme that Comedy Cartel has launched beginning of September at Marco Polo Hotel’s VU’s Sky Lounge. This October, after the success of their first month, their show will be running again for another month.

Last October 5, 2015 TBDC has invited us to watch the performance of Comedy Cartel at VU’s Sky Lounge. I’m quite surprised that they are performing on a different venue since I’ve been following their performance at the Tiara Oriental Hotel in Makati (but I’ve always known they’re performing on different venues and events so why would I be surprised? Ironic, yeah?). Nonetheless, they never ceased to amaze me with their performance.

The host for the Night was no other than Renee Cruz. The genius writer behind Bubble Gang of GMA.


The line-up of the performance was pretty great. The first performer was Ms. Michelle Defensor. From the last time I’ve heard her on stage, she keeps on improving and I really like her outline of jokes. Of course it still tackled on her #sosyalproblems and #politicalhumor especially as her first-hand experience as a member of a political family.


Sherwin Cunanan was the next performer and I must say, I’ve seen him perform through all their shows that I’ve come to watch. I like his joke about why actors have to change some of their names for their screen names. He focused on Michael Bublé. Of Course for the obvious reason that it’s kind of weird as his name Michael Bu(b)ble would sound so awkward  especially that his forte was classical music, Jazz, Sax and chill for the ears. This was our take away for the night though, and he got me laughing really hard on the word “Googlé” (goo-glay).


There’s Tim Tayag. The last performer of the evening. He’s one of the best performers of the group Comedy Cartel, of course their all the best there is. Right? We were told that the group was always rotating performers, always having different sets of performers on their shows. True enough that they always had something new, something different for us to watch out for on their shows.

As what Comedy Cartel always says, that the point-of-view comedy always concerns the true self-consciousness and experience of the comedian and its connection to the audience. That’s what makes it really effective.

Watch their performance this week at these venues:


Visit their Facebook page:


For bookings and reservations, check on their page and website for updates.

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