Samwon: Serving the Filipinos Only The Best Quality and Budget Friendly Appliances

The Filipino family nowadays are more articulate in buying new appliances for their homes. They want a good quality but affordable and also that fit in their lifestyle. Samwon Appliances is dedicated to provide great quality products without compromising the budget of its consumers and also the design to be tailor  fit to the distinct Filipino lifestyle

Since 1992, Samwon has maintained its vision and is still growing in serving the best quality and affordable products to the Filipino market. From rice cookers, electric fans and even portable Dvd players, Samwon aims to provide better quality electronic appliance With its continuous development of their products in terms of design and upgrading its functionality mades Samwon a must sought after item to buy in the market. You will be assured that Samwon will provide you with high quality products fit for your budget.

To know more about Samwon electronics and their products check out their website at



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