MICKLE MIXER: Quality to The Next Level

The music industry is very advanced in order to bring good music to its consumers, music producers look for a reliable sound mixer that will help them create great music. Mickle is a brand that they can depend on because it provides reliable sound mixers without breaking the bank. Whether for personal or business use, Mickle is very dependable in bringing great sound mixers at a reasonable price.

Solely distributed by Panvin International, Mickle’s aim is to give quality electronic sound mixers without burning a hole in your pocket.   From simple sound mixer set-up – 2 to 4 channels for starters to 18 channels set-up which is mid-level, MICKLE has a unit for your need. From professional mixer boards to be used at events to even a simple mixer for the DJ enthusiast – Mickle will provide it for you at a reasonable and competitive price.

*Photo from Lazada.com.ph

*Photo from Lazada.com.ph

Being one of the latest brand lines of Panvin International, they aim in providing good quality sound mixers in the market with their state of the art mixers that will surely wow the crowd and amplify any event.

To know more about Mickle sound mixers and its prices you can check out  at Lazada.com.ph



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