Laugh Out Loud; A Night of Laugh and Love for Comedy 

The entertainment industry is quite big in the Philippines but, let me break it to those of you who doesn’t know. It’s not just the tv, radio, movies, music, and the likes. There are also sitcoms, and then there is the stand-up comedy.   
 September 18, 2015.

I was invited to attend a gathering at Tiara Oriental Hotel in Makati. It was an event of Comedy Cartel. I was so excited because it’s my first time attending such event and my first time seeing a live stand-up comedy. It wasn’t like the usual gay-dominated culture of sitcoms that I’ve heard about. If some comedy shows pick people from the audience to humiliate or joke about, for laughs, this group, as I’ve listened and watched them perform on that stage, uses other means of making people laugh. At the least, not joking about people in the audience. They may joke about personalities, but not to the point as to degrading them. They use impersonation, jokes about social issues and other things that are in current events. 

I’ve realized then that it takes a lot of talent, guts, wit, personality, confidence, and a whole lot of humor to perform on that stage. 
That night, Doc Bong Ramirez, of House of Zen, performed on stage. It’s his first time to do the stand-up comedy and it was a smooth sail. He has a lot of potential and it was a fun experience. 
I was surprised that a girl would bloom in this kind of industry. Ms. Michelle Defensor, a person of class and someone from a political family, performed on the stage. I was amazed and inspired on how she managed to overcome all odds and be able to pull it through.
Last but not the least, Mr. Chip Balbuena, a Komikazee awarded of Jack TV, left us with a bang. He was an amazing performer on that stage and he had the audience’s attention the moment he stepped in that stage. 
Intelligent jokes are really hard to pull off compared to slapstick comedy. But apparently this group nailed it. Definitely hard to top my experience for a first timer to watch a comedy live. 
I Invite you guys to watch their shows and catch them weekly @ Tiara Oriental Hotel every Friday night at 8pm


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