Governance has been present since ancient times. Humans have been capable of organizing and being active in the society ever since. As we know, people cannot survive alone. We all know that our lands before are so green and many have been uninhabited or is inhabitable because of certain circumstances. So then, people have become aware of the fact that they could not survive the world alone. Even in the Bible’s stories of creation. God felt that a man could not take care of his creation when he’s only by himself so he created his partner and they had a family and their kids have had families and so on. Before time, there flourished tribes. In far places, you can see a family of people related to each other. The tribes began to have governments or plainly, leaders. They have basis for this actually. The leader must show strength, camaraderie, he must be a good hunter, leader and must be just. So as we see, Developments in tribes became civilizations, kingdoms, etc. There became much responsibility for bigger populations. There came divisions of kingdoms or empires into states or polis. There came different kinds of leaders with different responsibilities. The most important of all, when in a high trade and economically rich empires or kingdoms, there came corruption, hoarding, demand and supply, there will be flourishing times and famine times. There also came the division of classes. In that division, there are the rich class, the bourgeois, the warrior or noble class, the slaves and the untouchables. It’s different in all civilizations and empires but it instills the same thing. It greatly affects the lives of the people. So the governance capabilities of the rulers have been long questioned.

Now, in contemporary times, with the advancement of technology and globalization, there came times where there are more crimes (transnational and local) everywhere. It all boils down to whether the governments are efficient and if they are really doing their jobs for protection and peace. There came local governments, national governments and international governments. We entrusted these leaders to protect, help and create a suitable place for us to live in but what happens is that most of our government representatives are the criminals themselves. They steal our money or they offset important and improvement projects to nonsense ones. The people at the bottom of the social classes are getting more and poorer and the elite are getting richer. The youth? They should be the hope of the nation; they should be given the best of treatment, access to health, highest standard education, and what there is possible for the development of the youth. Where is the money for the youth going? What have the government been doing for its people? I personally think that only those with capability have access to the best possible standards in health and education. The government cuts the budget for intellectual development projects but instead focus on filling up their tummies. The youth in the middle and bottom class are greatly affected because they learn from the bad examples of others and become the people they are not meant to be because their basic needs are not met. Instead of being educated, out of school youth became dug addicts, gangs, criminals, etc. However there is hope for some of them because many of them are very rich and talented. If only their potentials could be tapped, we will have a good chance in waking up and developing our own country. Changing the people in the government wouldn’t exactly help, but changing their mind sets and attitudes are set to take us to the next level. The Government is just for representation and guidance but people are making it something to get money from. That’s not good governance at all. The government is of the people and FOR the people after all. So the composition of the government is mainly one of us, we could therefore conclude that our mindset are the same but all we do is complain and complain if we have no power at all, in the case that if we have the power, we will surely be like them (mostly but not generally).



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