MY PSYCH MIND (late post)


What is Psychology for me? When I hear the word Psychology, what comes to my mind is studying the brain and personality and how a person acts and reacts. Also, I thought psych has to do with psychic powers and astral beings. After a term in Psych class I learned some misconceptions in psych, like for example, the astral beings. Its more on religion rather than science.

One thing that made me interested in this subject is the fact that Psychology is one of the sciences that I want to look into. Simply because it talks about how personality affects the life of a person and how it makes us who we are today. Well, it got me interested—until it gets all scientific and complicated. I’m not so great dealing with science and all but I really wanted to know myself better this way. Anyway, during this term in Psych, all I ever wanted was to pass and get this over with. I attend classes diligently and listen to the teacher. Though my mind sometimes wanders off somewhere else, I do listen as much as I can. However since I’ve been through this subject back in my early college days in DLSU, I slack off a bit.

Anyway, back to the lessons we tackled about in class, I really liked the part where we answered the personality tests and discussed about it. Though it’s really annoying answering a lot of numbers and reading long sentences, I am eager to finish the tests because I find it worth the time and at first because of the grades.

When we were finally going to discuss these tests in class, I was so ecstatic because I’ve waited long enough for this. The tests we took are, as I remembered the sequences are the: The Riso-Hudson Enneagram Type Indicator, The Keirsey Temperament Sorter, Revised NEO Personality Inventory Form, and the Panukat ng Pagkataong Pilipino.

According to the Riso-Hudson Enneagram Type Indicator, I am The Enthusiast. I am the busy and fun-loving type of person. According to the test, I am spontaneous, versatile, distractible and scattered. Spontaneous in a sense that I do things in a carefree manner and in a way, I do things without actually planning ahead for it. Versatile in a sense that I can be flexible and do anything at any given time, circumstance and in any given environment, I can easily cope. Distractible in a sense that I get easily distracted doing my stuff especially when given something interesting to do. Scattered? Well, sort off. Because I’m too busy doing all the stuff, I can say that I’m messy when it comes to my stuff. Since I’m too busy cleaning up, you can see my things scattered on the floor. What? It’s easy to find my things because I know where they are. My lowest though is the Investigator. I am really not the intense cerebral type. Though, I disagree that I’m not perceptive, innovative, secretive and isolated. I am sometimes but it doesn’t show because outside the house, I am the happiest person within my circle of friends.

In the Keirsey Temperament Sorter, I am both an extrovert and an introvert. I guess because it depends on the environment I’m in and the circumstance. If I get to be accustomed in the environment and get comfortable with the people that surrounds me probably I’ll be the extrovert but if I feel so lost or whatever, I’m the introvert. Between sensing and intuition, I’m more on the intuitive kind of person. I based my judgments on intuition. Though sometimes, I need to see to believe, most of the times I use the “hunch”. In thinking vs. feeling, I scored higher in feeling. I use my feelings in judgment because I decide based o the circumstances and how I feel the right thing to do will either benefit or not for me or for others. Between judging and perceiving, I’m more on perceiving. I understand thing based on perception and senses rather than concrete judgments. That’s the tests that I got interested in the most out of the four.

So, another one of my learning in class is about the human brain. Well, I’ve gone through this topic a lot more in my biology major classes back in DLSU but this one really tackles more about the functions rather than the compositions—which is more scientific by the way.


Reply greatly appreciated!

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