Informative Speech: Types and Key Concepts about Love

For today I’m going to talk about type and key concepts in love. In this generation and time, we have a completely different view about love. We merely mistake crush in true love. Well I’m going to shed some light about it today. So the types of love are the following, Liking, Infatuation, Empty Love, Romantic Love, Illusory or Fatuous Love, Compassionate or Partnership Love and last but not the least, Real Love or True Love. Now, what’s the difference between these?

LIKING includes only one component of love which is intimacy. Intimacy is a slowly developing emotional-interpersonal involvement.   An intimate relationship has the markings of what is commonly known as a “soul mate” or “best friend” relationship. In real intimate relationship, there is a feeling of honesty, trust, closeness, sharing and support but without intense passion or long-term commitment.

INFATUATION is solely based on passion. Passion is an intense desire for physical affection. Infatuation is often what is felt as “LOVE at first sight” or CRUSH.   When you are infatuated, you are physically or sexually attracted to the person. Instead of thinking about your crush’s qualities or values, you think more about the appearance and image.

EMPTY LOVE is only based on commitment or obligation. In cultures in which arranged marriages are common, relationships often begin as empty love.

ROMANTIC LOVE is a combination of intimacy and passion. Romantic lovers are bonded emotionally and physically through passionate arousal. It is the typical type of love you see in romance movies…red rose, candlelight dinner, drive-in movies, walk-in the park.

ILLUSORY or FATUOUS LOVE is a combination of passion and commitment. This type of love happens in a whirlwind courtship and marriage or it happens in scenario like – You are so sexy, now let’s get married! Commitment is made during intense heat of passion, with no chance for intimacy to settle in.

COMPASSIONATE or PARTNERSHIP LOVE consists of intimacy and commitment. This type of love is usually seen in old married couples in which passion has gone out of the relationship, but a deep affection and commitment remains.

REAL LOVE or TRUE LOVE has three components – intimacy, passion and commitment. Commitment means a stable, dependable devotion to another person. When two people in-love are committed to each other, they look towards their future not separately but together. They stick together in bad times and in good times.   Picture this kind of scenario: An old married couple standing in the beach embracing and holding each other’s hands while they watch the golden sun slowly disappears in the horizon. This scene can happen when you experience true love. Despite of being together all their lives, they still keep the passion burning and still have the deep affection for each other.

So a little playful question for those of you currently in a relationship, under which category does your love fall in? I challenge you don’t just feel it, think about it. Now, there’s so much to talk about love as a topic but for the moment, I will just end here. Thank you very much and, good day!


2 thoughts on “Informative Speech: Types and Key Concepts about Love

  1. I’m about to make a informative approach and my topic is being in love can please help me or give me some ideas so that it’s not that hard for me to create a speech.^_^


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