Reflection: Babaeng-Babae (Docu-Film)

Since the documentary was filmed sometime in the 90’s, we could see how women’s status has changed in our society after 2 decades. While watching the film, I was moved by some scenes like when they did a “man on the street” kind of segment asking mostly men on how they perceive women and their roles in the society. Some of the men said that women are like men, only weaker. Since this is shot in the 90’s I pretty much understand because at that stage, women are still fighting for their equal rights in terms of employment opportunities and treatment. This one segment where in they interviewed women who are Overseas Contract Workers (now called OFW’s) is the one that touched me the most because as a traveler, I’ve lived my life all over the place and no, I’ve not encountered or experienced maltreatment or stereotype from locals of those countries I’ve been to. Although I’ve experienced being molested by a foreigner when I was studying in the Middle East, I understood why they do that because I’ve somehow studied the culture in that country. Women are very much protected in Middle East. Why does a country much like ours can’t do that too? Why are more and more women still suffering in the hands of men? We must give that issue some focus and importance too.

More and more women get to study and literacy rates for women go up because of the Millennium Development Goal which is a project of the United Nations development Programme. There are projects which get government to act upon women empowerment and I do think there are already a lot of improvements in terms of women welfare in health, poverty, education and opportunities for women. There are also significant improvements in women’s political and economical participation. More women get to run for office in the government and given the chance to prove themselves worthy of office alongside the men. More women are sent out abroad to be able to work for their families. Though this can be something to worry about at times because it can cause another problem which is brain drain if and when women sent out are really good professionals which are a waste of talents because they tend to get jobs which are lower than their standards but has a higher pay. One of which are doctors who becomes nurses because they cannot practice their specialization because of foreign policies. Women are also increasingly seen in corporate workplaces and some has their own businesses to handle as well. Though they still have fewer benefits, the MDG is still working for gender equality in workplaces, especially in terms of worker benefits and job opportunities.

What my resolution is being the empowered woman that my school wants me to be? Well I’d say being the best of who I am and using what God has given me to prove the world that women can do what men can do. I can’t change the world as a woman but I know I can contribute a lot in helping rebuild society by using my talents and capabilities for community development. Because I believe that when we start small, we grow and grow to succeed. There will be bumps and rough roads along the way but I know as a woman, nothing can stop me, not even men.


Reply greatly appreciated!

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