Discipleship in Community (Late post)

We were supposed to have our recollection last July but then due to cancellation of classes we were moved to the 2nd to the last recollection date which is October 19. I was so excited on the day of our recollection but then a few days before I found out that I will have 2 make up classes and activity on the same date. I was so devastated and I didn’t know what to do because both classes are major ones and I both have activities on that day as well. Marketing was an exception because I found out that it was okay not to report to class since we were excused but my TV prod class was really a pain because we had news reporting and it was a major activity.

On the day of the recollection, I wore a corporate top (since we can wear casual clothes on Mondays). I was thinking of showing up to my TV Prod class for a few minutes just to do even just 1 part in the broadcasting. I went to school early because there will be 3 classes that will have the recollection today so we are to find out where we were supposed to have our recollection. After a few minutes being in school, I was already with my friend Jen and we looked for our room which is CAR 301. It was my first time there and it was really really cold. I was so nervous because of my plan for that day. What if I was caught? Will I repeat my recollection? Anyway, we started the day with reminders. Yes the facilitator said that we were not supposed to think of anything else but the day was for our reflection and rest. But I was scared that I won’t have a grade if I don’t show up. I keep on falling asleep during our sessions because I barely have sleep for the week though I was active in sharing on the group sharing parts of after sessions. So after the mass, it was lunch time. I tried to finish as fast as I can so that I can go to class just for a bit. I raced to the other building, top floor, TV Prod room. I was in time for my part in front of the camera. I hurriedly finished my part and said sorry to my group mates that I couldn’t finish the rest. I raced to the 3rd floor of the Caritas building where we were having our sessions. I was greeted by stares and I bowed my head and said sorry while hurriedly walking to my seat because I was 5 minutes late. The day went by I still worry about getting an incomplete grade.

After our recollection, just as when we were about to go home, a classmate of mine told me that I was incomplete because I didn’t finished my parts and that it was not an excuse I have a recollection, as per my professor. So I went to the CMO and reported my case and they told me to go to the COMM office and talk to the prof and Dr. Acosta. I did that but I wasn’t able to talk to our prof because he went home already. I then went home super worried and emailed my prof but to no avail, he did not reply.

During our recollection, we were made to reflect. What struck me the most was the part where we were to reflect on who we are in the eyes of God. I know that I am God’s princess and I am His warrior but in this reflection He reassured me that I am his daughter. He is the father I never had. I know I’ve been a prodigal daughter and a sinner but he reassured me that even so, he is still there for me. He is still waiting for me. Even if I feel worthless, I felt His hug that time and it was reassuring and comforting.

At the end of our recollection, there was a part where we wrote in each other’s reco journal. We wrote inspiring and encouraging messages to one another. In these messages I will live by and always be grateful. I will always be holding on to God despite the challenges I face. Although I know I’d still be lurking on the shadows at times but I know God will always lead me back to the light. I will always be grateful for my life even if I think I’m worthless, I am reassured of the life in Christ. I will be a daughter and a warrior of my dad in heaven. I want to follow Him even though I know it will be a challenge. But I have to try.


Reply greatly appreciated!

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