A Distant Love Linked Together by Technology: A Love Story

On an ordinary day, Jayson was invided by his friends at a party in Bulacan. While he was having fun with them, a friend introduced a girl to him. “Her name is Lyca Joy,” his friend said. “Hi Lyca, my name’s Jayson,” he replied immediately. And that was the beginning of the story of two lovers even distance cannot part. Jayson was 22 then and was working in DLSU-Manila. Lyca Joy, on the other hand, was only 18. At the party where they met 3 years ago, they became textmates, then friends, and they’ve gotten to know each other very well despite the distance. At first, Jayson never thought about liking her but as they got to know each other, they became close and he began liking her and in the end, they become lovers. When they were blessed with a baby, they began to live together and decided to get their own place because it was hard for the both of them, especially Lyca Joy, to live with people who talk about them making them hear everything. It was hard for them to live with their misunderstandings, vices and etc. but they always talk about doing what’s best so there are a lot that they’ve to sacrifice. It’s fun, however, because they have each other’s back and have a very strong motivation to work harder. However, the most blessing of all for them, is what he call his “trophy”-of course! The baby is his trophy. They plan to have only two because they wanna be a simple family and they want to give the best they could for their children in this money-hungry world. When we asked Jayson why they still want to be wed in the church when they are already living together, he told us, “to make it sacred”. It’s that simple for them and it is true. When we asked him if he thinks their marriage would last “forever”, his answer surprised me. He said, “Oo naman, kaya nga siya yung pakakasalan ko eh”. Ten years from now, he sees himself working as an OFW because he wants to give the best for his family even if it means being far away from them. He hopes that they would understand his decision because he thinks doing that would lighten the expenses of the family and give the best that he can for his family. Before the end of the interview, he gave a few advises that are already overused. Before entering a relationship or marriage, think about it thoroughly and carefully. Before anything else, finish studies, have a stable job and save up. Because, it is easy to marry but it is hard to support a family. For the lovebirds, if the relationship is not yet stable, don’t trust too much yet, it’s your heart, you might get hurt. Don’t worry too much too fast, rest, relax and enjoy for now. Don’t force something that’s not right. For me, all this love stuff took its toll. It’s really hard coping up especially when you love someone so much. I tried to find the love and care that I didn’t feel my parent’s gave me during the past years of my life. It didn’t go so well because of course I’m still a kid. No one is really that serious and mature when they’re young because we still have a lot to learn. Being single now is not that bad. It simply means that you’re still waiting for the right one and is preparing for what God will give you or do to your life. Jayson’s right, we should study first and have a stable lifestyle before worrying about love and relationships. Be happy and enjoy life first for yourself because it’s hard to find time for yourself when you already have a family. There are a lot to sacrifice and compromise will be your new best friend.


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