LEAD Party Political Platform

I remember the time when I first became the president of the class on our new school… It was an overwhelming responsibility for me as a newbie. I was just starting my adjustment on our new school and my new home for the school year 2008-2009 at The Philippine School, Dubai, UAE. On our first year, our school was in Al Twar 3 but after a couple of years, it transferred to Al Rashidiya.Anyway, it was our first year and the school is still laying it’s foundations and adjusting their policies in school and the likes. So, there was a central government in every class but there wasn’t any central student government in school so I stood up and approached our adviser. Oh, by the way, I was on my 3rd year in high school back then. Our adviser, Mr. Melvin Mendoza acknowledge the idea and presented it to the admin. Not so long after, we have established a political party and was able to engage in a democratic system of governance. Below is our political party’s platform which our party’s adviser drafted for us. This is the first ever platform created for the student government of TPS, Dubai. Ohhh, memories. Oh, after the elections, I won the position for the VP in internal and external affairs. I really enjoyed keeping myself busy with designing and brainstorming for our projects for the whole year. Accomplished so much in a year! 🙂

Our Political party's poster used for the campaign made by kuya Paul Aggarao from our Every Nation Youth Church back in Dubai

Our Political party’s poster used for the campaign made by kuya Paul Aggarao from our Every Nation Youth Church back in Dubai


Leaders for Excellence in Academics and Development (LEAD) Party




The Leaders for Excellence in Academics and Development (LEAD) Party is concern on the condition of education and student affairs in The Philippines School (TPS) through efficient leadership that would help young students excel in academics and develop their potential skills. LEAD Party supports a wide range of activities, providing school policy-relevant projects on basic concerns as diverse as: school politics, student discipline, academic organizations, literary and musical clubs, sports activities, public relations and charitable outreach programs. It is also our dream to be involved in extending recognitions to teachers and employees to strengthen student-faculty-administration relations. This Platform and Pledge will serve as our inspiration in our future thrust to the Supreme Student Council if given a chance to be in office.

LEAD Party’s programs are directed toward:

  • maintaining a culture of clean and honest school politics;
  • imposing student discipline programs in accordance to the existing school policies;
  • organizing academic groups to reinforce the applied curriculum;
  • supporting talent organizations and their activities;
  • creating sports clinics and competitions;
  • involving students to basic community services;
  • appreciating school staff and faculty;
  • Sustaining school morale and pride.


Fraud and dirty elections, in all its forms, must become a thing of the past. As an official political party in this educational institution, we, the LEAD Party is committed to ensure clean and honest election. We believe that clean elections begin and end with honest, well-trained teachers and student leaders. To ensure clean elections, our first priority must be working with school election officials to train students to become honest candidates and voters. This is the best legacy we can hand down to the next generations as future student leaders of TPS.

We do not allow vote buying from its simplest disguise to obvious manifestation of any currency. It is our utmost dream to inculcate honesty and clean elections by endorsing candidates with good academic backgrounds and sincerity to serve and lead. We are the prime movers for an election with a heart by voting the right candidate based on merits and performance and not by the candidates’ pocket.




As student leaders, it is very challenging to tackle school discipline. All we can honestly do is to share authority with the school officials and parents in imposing disciplinary rules. In our program, parents must be involved in all disciplinary actions.

We believe that families are the origin of society, thus schools are tasked to back-up and increase the lessons acquired at home. To do this, we as student leaders will sincerely uphold existing education policies that focus on improving behaviors. We will also establish the best we can as best examples in TPS of an ideal Filipino citizen who is kind, respectful, honest, trustworthy and God-fearing individuals.

We have our full support for teachers, who must be protected from false allegations of abuse. Current research (http://www.politics.co.uk/news/opinion-former-index/education/cameron-backs-teachers-over-school-discipline-$476693.htm) found 20 per cent of teachers have been falsely accused of abusing children. We will support appeal panels to settle disputes between parties in order to reach fair judgment.


These organizations will be the extension of the classroom activities. Each club will be the venue where lessons imparted by teachers will be applied in a practical and real manner. If given the chance to be in the SSC positions, the leaders of the LEAD Party will support the following academic organizations:

  • English Club
  • School Scientists
  • Pinoy Ako (Filipino Club)
  • Math Wizards
  • Historians Club
  • School Entrepreneurs and Technologists
  • …and many others


An important aspect of TPS education is involvement in school clubs and other extracurricular activities. These allow students to explore and develop interests and talents outside the classroom. We will see to it that new clubs will be added as students express an interest in having them. The following clubs will be supported by the LEAD party if hopefully elected to SSC:

  • School Choir
  • Glee-dramatic Club
  • Dance Club
  • School Band (Orchestra)
  • Cheering Squad
  • Painters, Illustrators and Designers Club (Art Club)
  • School Poets
  • Toastmasters Club
  • Writer’s Guild
  • ..and many others

Student’s involvement to clubs and organizations is a good training ground for self discipline and teamwork. As they seek career in the future, companies seek students who have demonstrated involvement in activities outside the prescribed curriculum, along with academic achievement. To ensure that they will remain responsive to academic requirements, we propose that students must maintain an average grade of 85% in all subject areas in order to be part in club activities.

Related school activities where they can exhibit their talents will be supported by our candidates if you will put them in SSC such as:

  • Acquaintance Party
  • Intramural Meet
  • Christmas Ball
  • Valentines Ball
  • United Nations Day
  • Graduation Ball
  • Beauty Pageants for Men and Women
  • Cultural Shows
  • Foundation Day
  • Teachers Day
  • Education Week (for Math, Science, English)
  • JS Promenade
  • Halloween Ball
  • School Play
  • Musical Recital
  • Art Exhibits


To be in SSC of TPS, LEAD Party will combine School Paramedics, Coaches and Rehabilitation to create a comprehensive athletic training and sports clinic program. We will request the TPS Administration to tap health and sports professionals who

possess extensive knowledge of anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, preventive medicine, exercise and conditioning, nutrition and sports psychology.

The staff of the School Sports Club will be composed of presidents from the different sports organizations such as:

  • The Basketball Team
  • The Badminton Team
  • The Cyclist
  • The Chess Players
  • The Volleyball Team
  • The Football Team
  • Sipak Takraw Group
  • School Runners
  • Bowlers’ Group
  • Tennis Players
  • Swimmers Club
  • Archery group
  • ..and many others


In an effort to improve and increase the use of available resources and technical backgrounds of students and staff, LEAD Party dreams to develop ‘‘partnerships’’ with external organizations whose members are either interested in charitable programs or community services. With TPS Supreme Student Council (SSC) acting as a facilitator, these new collaborative relationships will provide an excellent means for expanding TPS service areas. By making use of existing SSC as communication channel in other external organizations, SSC will be able to make contact with potential clients.

Collaborative charitable activities include: volunteerism, gift giving, free exhibits, environmental concerns, health and nutrition programs and participation to economic and cultural affairs. This can be done by providing information on TPS SSC programs and updates in school newsletters and online services; developing links to Web sites; providing training on social services and other activities; developing individual workshops for specific programs; and identifying and assessing the needs of the community. This two-way interaction with outside networks increases the utility of TPS SSC programs and services by more accurately reflecting the needs of various constituencies. Technically, this is termed as application of academic backgrounds in the real world situation.



Upon the completion of the annual conference and reports, the Supreme Student Council 2008-2009 will establish recognition for teachers and employees for their sincere services and exceptional contribution in academics and educational services. This will be in recognition of the extraordinary efforts and time involved in the teaching, administrative and facilitative efforts.

This awards and recognition for teachers and employees may also be presented to committee chairpersons who have done an outstanding job in carrying out the function of their committees. The individual nominating a committee chairperson for this award must submit in writing to the Awards Committee, the person’s name, the committee chaired and reasons this person should be so honored. The Awards Committee will submit to the Executive Board the name of the chairperson who is recommended along with supporting rationale.

If we will be given a chance to hold an office in SSC, we will also present awards to outstanding members of the different organizations and clubs as well as their respective advisers. The criteria will be designed by selected SSC Officials.


The LEAD Party envisioned that SSC will be an ideal body of active leaders in school. This is not a club, but the student government is an organization which represents the concerns of students and provides a liaison with the school’s administration. Senators and Representatives, elected from each advisory, meet regularly on agreed period to discuss issues and plan activities for the entire student body. The representatives report back to their advisories on upcoming events, and on the outcomes of the discussions. Senators and Representatives should be responsible, articulate and resourceful members of the student body who are willing and able to take the challenges of the organization.

We will continue to advocate honesty and sincere service to the entire school populace with fortitude to impose rules and regulations in accordance to the norms and standards of the human society. With this will power to serve truthfully, the LEAD party will become a pride to TPS as the first political party of this institution to lead the pioneering student body.


Vice President:


















Party Adviser: MELVIN M. MENDOZA


Reply greatly appreciated!

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