Political involvement is a right people often overlook. I think that is the reason why some people abuse this so called “authority. We also have this mentality that someone has to be blamed, people put in the spotlight, being famous or infamous. But what is it really about? Just to cover up and blame these people for your own mistakes? I do think that we should take an issue into analytical criticism rather than spoon-feeding ourselves from unreliable sources.

On the issue of PDAF, it is my opinion that Janet Napoles was just a guinea pig. As I said, somebody has to blame someone for something, even if their just an auxiliary to the crime. It just so happens that Napoles was a big shot in that issue that all the wrath of the Filipino people were thrown to her. We have no right to judge a person by her duties, by her values, by her lifestyle. In fact, we have no right to judge at all unless the evidences are so overwhelming, then that’s the time we can say that she has done wrong. We are all human beings, we make considerable amount of mistakes. She has had her fair share of her own. I just don’t get it why people had to bash her that easily without even knowing the truth about the pork barrel scam. Yes, I understand that it’s the people’s money we’re talking about here but we shouldn’t rely solely on hearsays. I think we should get involved on the issue as well. Rely on credible and unbiased resources.

On the social media, I’ve been seeing a lot of negative feedbacks and memes about the Napoles family. Even her daughter has to get involved and pried into. Of her lavish parties and luxurious lifestyle, we are enraged. They’re not practical and I think they should have use the excess money they get from the PDAF not on their bath tubs to swim in to but for projects to alleviate the poverty incident in our country, projects on health care and educational systems in our country, especially those in the rural areas.

I also saw the trend in politics now-a-days where all the politicians who are subjected to the law have been acting; all of which are ailing with diseases and has to have a “special treatment”. Some has to be put into a hospital arrest or put into a wheelchair… all those drama just to plead for us not to put them under stress and the likes. On my opinion, these government officials are somewhat guilty of the crimes they have committed on our country because they wouldn’t have to go through all these drama just to delay the proceedings and further investigations. But as I said, we shouldn’t conclude immediately because it creates a negative effect, especially when these statements spread on the social media.

PDAF helps a lot of people but it is also vulnerable in the hands of abusive and greedy authorities. The system in itself should be changed into more stricter and centralized compliance so that our money wouldn’t be put to waste. i should say that the PDAF should not be completely abolished because it has helped us in a way that some projects were implemented and finished, there are scholars and it has generated income for small scale businesses and the likes. However, I don’t like how people would view the “help” the government gives to its people. In all honesty, these people pay their taxes and should therefore profit from their taxes. It just so happens that these politicians holds our money but their projects for their people are named after them, which is I think wrong. Taking credit from where it is due and claiming it as yours is unacceptable and shouldn’t be put into practice, especially as professionals. We should be taking care of our developing country, not putting it down for our gains. We are not crabs. We are highly intellectual animals.



Reply greatly appreciated!

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