Adventure Beneath The Stars and The Sun, 5 Cities on Foot

Teary eyed a few meters before the finish line, I told myself “I never thought I could reach this far like this. I am not gonna cry this time. I promise.”

I’m really hyped up, excited but at the same time scared running a Marathon. I never thought I could do that at the age of 19. I don’t know if I will be able to finish it. I just wanted to run. That’s all that matters. Before and during the race day, I’ve been hearing—and I knew people were talking behind my back—that I won’t be able to finish my run in Condura Skyway Marathon. Some said that I would be able to finish it beyond my target time of sub 8 or 7 hours or that my knee injury will be back with a vengeance. Nevertheless, I even finished the course the natural way—barefoot, strong and without injuries. I’ve been preparing my knees for this run.

Last Sunday, with God’s guidance and strength, I ran my first Full Marathon and my first official race for 2013. With little preparation because I was busy in school and at home, I ran what seems like a very challenging first 42km run for me. I had all the reasons why I wanted to stop and not go on anymore. I’m very sleepy, I got wounded on the skyway—because of drowsiness, my shoes feels really heavy already, I’m tired, I’m bored, my muscles hurt, etc. but because I’m running for what I believe in, I went on. As an advocate of Barefoot Running, I really wanted to run my first Full Marathon barefoot but my running friends and buddies disagreed and even tagged me as Suicidal Princess. Ha-ha! Well that’s quite true. My journey as a runner has been quite a risk. I didn’t run barefoot the whole course but did so at the last few kilometers. That way, I can still advocate the natural way of running. People looked at me and wondered why I do it. I did it because I believe in what is natural and it makes me run faster because I feel lighter.

It’s actually my first time running at the skyway because I only became active in joining fun runs summer of 2012. I enjoyed it so much because I wasn’t alone in this challenge. My group, OK-OK Runners Family along with We Love Running, Team Titans, ANR Ayala Triads and Barefoot Running Philippines were there running along the route pushing and encouraging me to a strong finish. Along the route, I gave my best and I was able to beat my target times on the 5th, 10th and 21st km mark, though I had to slow down a bit after the 28th kilometer mark because I wanted to enjoy my 1st time experience running the skyway. I ran with different buddies along the route but thanks to my two “mamaw” ultramarathoner friends, Machy and kuya Allan, I was able to enjoy my 1st full marathon. Of course, at the finish line, OK-OK Runners and Ayala Triads were there waiting for me. Oh, what a sight to see! Afterwards, a great bonding capped off our eventful day as OK-OK Runners celebrated our success with a sumptuous breakfast at Adobo Connection.

I just wanted to say that, because of the continued support from my family, friends and running groups, I was able to go this far. All those trainings and lsd’s with them paid off pretty well. I would definitely want to do that again! Next stop, my 1st Ultramarathon!

Image  Image
My Pacer up to 28km, Machy                                                           OK OK Runner’s Family’s Send Off
 Image  Image
Me and Papi CJ and Mami Karlene ❤                                                                  OK OK Runners Family
On my way to the FINISH LINE! 🙂                                                             With my 1st 42k Medal 🙂
Image  Image
OK OK 42km Runners and friends                                                                 With my pacer from 29km onwards: kuya Allan 🙂

Reply greatly appreciated!

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