Extreme emotions contained
in a heart that mourns deeply
In the abyss of her dark memories
she keeps digging deep
Burying her own being
along the blood-stained soil of her past
In so much the pain she felt, she hid
The earth have been her only pleasure and welcome
Happiness have been profound
in the forest is her only abode
So much being far away has blinded her
Vulnerable in being detached
she turned so dark
an elusive thing to understand.
Lies, breaks, have overcome her very soul
The hurt can be seen in her eyes, hidden in her smile
Emotion got the best of her
The shadows hover above her
forever depriving her of the bright light
There is confusion, agonizing debate
stirring inside her head
imprinting badly on her once-positivity
Igniting the flame-the spark-in her very soul
Where is the love, she did ask
In the quietness and stillness of the night
just when she thought no one heard
the voice inside her have awakened her

Though no one really knows what lies ahead
she still won’t let go of her love- the only thing

The only thing she has of what’s left of her life.

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