sometimes we think it’s best to fight to succeed in life but sometimes fulfillment comes when we let go. Sometimes the will is to push farther and go with everything as planned but being strict is never the answer to achievement. Sometimes we have to enjoy every moment of every experience we encounter in life. This is the reason why we all have regrets, not stopping or slowing down but pursuing everything all at once. How can we see the beauty in life if you don’t stop and admire the beauty of your surroundings? We all take fore granted the things around us so we create all these sufferings in this world. We don’t stop and catch our breath, we blink at the real truth and shove it aside, we all see the future, not knowing we are at the present times.

Present is always the reality but we are so blinded by the past and scared of the future. Always, we are so eager for comfort but do we see the real deal? Or is it just personal?

Just a thought. Eid Mobarak everyone!

Slow down, reality couldn’t catch up

Reply greatly appreciated!

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