A reindeer crossed the highway looking confused and probably severely wounded. Freddie’s mustang was cruising with a speed of 160kph‑‑ higher than the stated maximum speed in town which is 80kph‑‑ at the same highway with his friends. They were coming from a bar adjacent to an immense beach outside of town. Some were high, the others fast asleep.  It was cold outside, like a ghost town. Everything seems like time travelling; fast, and confusing. At the time the reindeer crossed, Freddie pushed down the brakes but the street was a bit slippery so they all went in circles and tumbled on the floor.

Freddie woke up, feeling a bit wobbly in his bed, hoping to remember all that happened that night and thought he should be dead by now. The night felt like déjà vu. They were in the highway and his premonition might be just right. Everything’s so blurry though, in his dream, so there’s no telling what it will be. At this time, they were the only car in the highway, when he saw a bright light pass through them and saw the animal from his dream. Slowly accelerating, they peaked at 180kph. Suddenly bumping into something, their car went in circles. Maybe the premonition was right after all.

From what seems like an eternity, he woke up again, confused and bewildered. His clock says 12 noon but the sky looks so dull and grey. He did his normal daily routine, reached for his velvet red laptop bag and a cup of coffee on his way out. Funny, all his friends didn’t show up that day, at the office. The people seem different and very formal. It was his 49th birthday, so he thought that there will be a surprise, that’s why nobody showed up. The night came, and he felt so alone; phone lines are all busy and nobody left a single message.

That night he saw himself at the television. The night he was with his friends was the night he died in an accident. Bothered, he still never knew how it happened. All he saw was light. What light?

His death. Tragic and deceiving.


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