Shhhhh! Just the sound of the sea washing through the shore
The sight of the stars hovering above me
as I lay down the grass beneath them is simply beyond words can compare
Looking through the vast space that surrounded me is breath-taking
Living in this world I feel like suffocating
It’s cold and I’m shivering, hoping and waiting even for your voice
I can feel the breeze touch my skin that sent shivers down my spine
I can see the moon shines brightly up in the sky covered by clouds as thin
as the linen clothes  I used to see him wear
oh how I miss the times, nostalgia hits me now as I describe the scene that
surrounds my very being even when I don’t want to think of you, my mind won’t let me rest
I feel so vulnerable and breathless as the scene crosses my mind
of the time you left me alone in the playground’s swing
Oh how I missed our childhood days but have nothing to do to bring it back
I hope you’re happy now wherever you are.
I Just hope and pray for your happiness wherever you are.

I love you , I miss you. My sweetest friend, I bid goodbye.

Reply greatly appreciated!

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