Marriage as Relationship of Love: The Joys and Challenges of Married Life Today

Marriage is an act of being joined together of two people, usually of opposite genders or sexes. It is also an act done with God as the principal witness, therefore, the most conventional and popular way of doing so is by a church wedding with cultural injected ceremonies and traditions. It is though taken for granted now-a-days. With the onset of the “infidelity” epidemic, it is now easier to break the bond of marriage, which is not- still and always will be- acceptable by God. Because in the first place, God is the perfect example of love and the couple vowed in His name that they will follow his example. Well, before I indulge myself too deep in the argument of infidelity, what has marriage have to offer then and now?

Culturally speaking, in the old times, men has to prove their worth to a girl’s family before he can ask her hand in marriage. He can only court her at her parent’s house and give gifts to prove how much he can provide for the girl’s needs. It is then much harder for the guy to get the girl. It takes a whole lot more courage and love to have the girl he wants to be with for the rest of his life. In some other cultures, however, in order to retain the status of a family, they engage their children into arranged or forced marriages. Some flourished in their relationships. But are they really happy about it? We don’t really know. Some, on the other hand, never found their true love. Where is the joy in that? In any case, in contemporary times, the culture, tradition, or perception of marriage revolutionized. People are more liberalized. Divorce, annulment and legal separation came into picture and destroyed a lot of relationships. Most marriages starts with merely infatuations and puppy love and ends very early with just shallow and unacceptable reasons. It is much easier to marry. I personally think that this is the reason why people does not see the real meaning and importance of love and family.

In a married couple’s life, there are- if not a few- a lot of changes that the couple has to adjust. In the first place, they accepted the person they married to be their partner for the rest of their lives. They must therefore act in accordance to a married person’s life (which is of course very stereotypical-nonetheless). Yes, there is romance, intimacy and exclusivity. There are much more responsibilities in a married couple’s life- and all that are expected to be met. They must work hard to keep their light of marriage burning. There are countless joys and innumerable challenges. There are much more things to sacrifice in order for marriage to last. To show their love, both husband and wife must be willing to sacrifice for the other and for their family as well. Well, of course according to right conduct and welfare of the person. Both should have the relationship of give and take, care for one another, and have their share in each other’s welfare and development. There are a lot of moments wherein a couple can spend time-intimate and romantic- together like going on trips or simply dine out and the like. One of the most wonderful joys in a married life is being blessed with a child. However, the challenge is to raise the child together. The joy of having a wonderful life partner is beyond words can compare but the challenge is how to keep it.

In life, there are a lot of temptations to a married couple’s life. However, if one is built on a strong foundation, the rock, their commitment can go a long way. It is not easy because these challenges can either make or break you but expect that it will be rewarded by God with overflowing blessings and favor upon your lives. The real joy in marriage, therefore, is knowing that God is blessing your marriage and the challenge is following His plans for your own family.


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