Engagement by Mikx de Dios. Edited version

Over my soul I rest in thee
I see you tonight as you surrounded your arms all over me
You came from behind and surprised me
I can see now that you really love to be with me.
As vast as the ocean I felt your love
As pure as white I saw your heart
As safe as I feel with you right now
You gave me the love I took without doubt.
This is the night I say I do
Because I know I will be safe with you
This is the moment I swear I could cry a river
But all that is because you made me smile
The joy I can never contain
Just overflowed the moment in my dream
Alas! I wake up with sadness
Just because I knew it was a dream.
I didn’t wanna wake up knowing I wouldn’t have you
But I know that God will take care of you.
Wherever I am, Im still attached to you,
My heart will always be with you.
I know that we’ll meet again someday,
But right now, when were far apart, I would always remember
That you are the most wonderful person I’ve met.
I may not see you around,
But in my dreams you do come alive.
As long as it is day, I can only think of you.
But come at night when I sleep, I will see you.
Goodbye for now my love.
I’m here holding on to your love.


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