come and go [FINAL EDIT]

come and go
by: Mikx de Dios

Can you feel the rhythm
the beat your heart makes
the melody you have always
followed all your life.
The labyrinth of life
the ticking of time
will it help erase the memories?
the reflection in the mirror of yesterday,
the uncertainness of fate
changes here and there
oh precious child
left out in the world unknown
where is he hide?
what is he to do?
what then could he expect?
oh sweet morning dew
like a honey sticking out of the nectar
tastes like victory

but, alas! where did it go?
where have the poor child gone now?

gash! claw! slash!

run here, there, around in circles
no where to run, nowhere to hide
nightmares begin to emerge
crashed the dreams
of a mere child, unknowing of the danger
that has come of his way.
Is there a path other than misery?
Oh how unfortunate soul
struck by the unmerciful being.
Where is the light?
Is there someone to rescue
that child from the dark?
that has been a journey
imprinted in him



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