Top Five Names You Wish Were Yours

Top1: Ayumi Xyrielle- well, I just like the combination of the name. A Japanese touch to it makes me feel an authentic Japanese. Ha-ha! This was my screen name before, and I use it mostly in forums and chat rooms over the internet.

Top2: Mikhaeli Evangelica- I like names with a unique touch and spelling. It’s like being a foreigner because it is spelled differently than that of common or usual names. I just thought of this name like a few years ago when I was trying to list names for my characters in the stories I was writing.

Top3: Ariaenne Jenice- I’m really fond of having two to three names. I don’t know, maybe it has something to do with my given name. Like, because I have three first names. Well, this name kind of fits me because its cute. Oh, yes! I am! Ha-ha.

Top4: Trixie Priscilla- Cute name! I don’t really know what to say any more. I ran out of words. Ha-ha! Well, I just thought it would be nice to have this name too. It’s not a complicated name though, but it’ll pass 🙂

Top5: Rio Tamiya- Well, I actually thought of Tamiya just now. It does sound like a race car. I like Rio because It sounds like adventure. So, Rio Tamiya feels like a joy ride or like traveling to seek adventure.


Reply greatly appreciated!

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