Break Down

The pleasantries of every sorrow,
what’s left of the rest of me erodes.
The guilt of every pleasure come close,
in the end, it only shows
what not said nor done
in the shadows of the life, gone?

Crown of jewels beseech from thee.
The bright of tomorrow stolen from me.
The search of madness in me has begun
but nowhere to start, what to be done?
Slower, faster.. Alas! A meteor shower.

Shot on the knee
a bullet in the heart
a pat on the head?
What more would she deserve
when everything seems to turn.

Such beautiful melodies,
an outcry of faulty measures.
Oh, nostalgia–hits me like a bullet.
Straight to the heart.
A soul that wanders
what death has touched
of me that lie
on top of the lights.
Ready to fall, no
hit the feather of life.


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