World Views

It depends on a person how he/she may come to believe any religious practice. Most of the people were born in a certain religion. When we were young, we can’t decide on our own so basically, our parents stand as the backbone of our faith.


All of us have a long history of family religious traditions and some of us have the difficulty of choosing for ourselves what we really want to believe because it has been dictated to us that we have to observe family traditions. We all know that’s a tough decision we have to make. Changing religions are really a challenge.


At our early stage of development, our family is the influence in our lives. They were the one who shape the foundation of our personality. They dictate to us what they want us to become. But, as we grow older, we get exposed in the real environment; we get to go out to the confines of our home. When we get to be involved with other people, we can be influenced or vice versa. Our views broaden. We get to apply what we were taught of. We learn more than what our families can teach us; things that are out of the control of our family.

Some people get their inspirations to live a full life from the views of their religion. Other people who seek principles and contentment in life may find it only on a particular religion. And converting is their next resort after finding fulfillment and contentment. For that reason, we should be open minded enough to understand the world and everything in it. Other people seek peace of mind. They contemplate deeper and they are able to find it in a particular religion. There are some people who are contented in the religion they grew up to. However, there are people who really don’t care about those things at all because they don’t want others to be expectant of them as well. Many of us today are too busy in dealing with our worldly life that we tend to forget to nurture our spirits. We only focus on nurturing our bodies that is why most of us have malnourished spirits.

Different religions show different approaches in different situations. They have different principles but some correlates with one another. They meet at some point. Those similarities unify people. There is an underlying respect with their views about things. Nevertheless, we cannot get away with the fact that there are some people and religions who think exclusively about themselves. They claim that only their religion is true and that salvation can only be attained in that particular religion. That automatically creates chaos and confusion among people.

As long as people cooperate and understand each other despite of the dominant language barrier and culture differences, we shall all experience the goodness of life that God wants us to experience while we are living in this world.


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