Top Five Favorite Books You’ve Read For School (delayed na ko :| wasnt at home yesterday eh)

I don’t like reading much but yeah, We were always required to read a lot of books when I was in grade school. We have this reading log to catch up on the books we read for the whole year. Mine was almost always empty, ha-ha!

Top1: The Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote de La Mancha

This book is written by Miguel de Cervantes and was published in two volumes in 1600s. It is about a very rich man who one day dreamed about being an honorable knight. He was so in to it that he decided to use all his money to pursue his dreams. He comes across a lot of challenges and fictional characters in which he insist are true. People, places, scenes, exchanging dialogues, animals and unique and unusual beings are being seen and experienced by Don Quixote-well at least by himself. He was going mad actually and the people are worried about him. None the less, he was very much a gentle and brave man– just not in the right place and time to be.

Top2: The Little Prince

Written by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry– a French aristocrat writer and a poet– this book is really a masterpiece. I loved this book since when I was a kid because of it’s length and illustrations. It made me imagine the whole story and how it goes. It’s a really good book for kids and pre-teens because it not only has good content but also a superb writing style. It will really suit the taste of young adult readers and the like. The Kid is closely related to the life of the author–especially his experience on a plane crash in the middle of the Sahara desert. In the desert, the narrator met the little prince who lives in an asteroid.  It is a very detailed novelette and kids would love it.

Top3: Les Miserables

It is considered one of the classic collections inspired by the story of it’s time. It is a novel by Victor Hugo in 1800’s. The story simply tells of a man who is an ex-convict. The story revolves around his struggles and experiences during the French Revolution. This story is a part of the history of France that is why it is a historical fiction. It is a social commentary in which the characters portray a class in the society and the happenings in the story have happened in the real world. The struggle of power, moral values, stories of love and family and the like is ramphant in the novel. It is really a recommended book to read.

Top4: Merchant of Venice

Oh well, what is the world– or rather what are you in the world– without having read any of Shakespeare’s poems and novels? It has already become one of the most celebrated classics of all times. Where are you exactly if you haven’t heard of him yet? Ha-ha! This novel was believed to have been written in 1500’s. Wow! Sooooo old. Oh well, I like this novel because it has a deep meaning of love and other things. It also has parts that are true of a character in real life and the fictional one. Venice is believed to be one of the richest city in the world– true enough it was portrayed in the novel. It is a tragic comedy– oh why everyone loves a good tragic play with a comedy twist! Correct me if I’m wrong. Ha-ha! Alright then! I really recommend this book! A must read.

Top5: Black Beauty

This is one of the classic novels written in the 1800’s by an English author, Anna Sewell. Sadly, After 5 months of being a bestseller, the author died. How sad, but wait, this blog IS about the book right? Well, anyway, this is considered a children’s literature because it teaches the foundation in early childhood. While it teaches about animal welfare, it also tacles about morals and values. Some of them are valuing people and treating them with kindness and respect. Just like at the first step– treating your parents with utmost respect and giving them value.


Reply greatly appreciated!

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