Chain Messages

I’m pretty sure every one of us has received a chain message more than once. Whether on our mobile phones, on our social networking sites or on blog spots as comments or testimonies or wall posts, right?  It’s more common in texts messages before but since the internet is rapidly taking over our lives, chain messages are even more likely to reach to other nations faster than a text message.


Personally, when I was not yet surrendering my life to Christ, I was scared and irritated at the same time when I receive such messages. Most of them give threats like “Your mom is going to die if you don’t pass/post this tonight,” or worst, “You will die on your bed tonight”. Some of those messages will scare the soul out of you like those messages with stories of dead people describing their death or their faces. Bottom-line, you will have the same fate like theirs. Typical horror stories! Can they just make it as a movie for us to enjoy instead? It’s as if those messages control people’s lives. Because I didn’t know what to believe, I decided to pass those messages and feel sorry for them too. It doesn’t do me any good, I realized. It’s like some kind of a temptation, really.


When I became a Christian, I then knew what to do. I started deleting those chain messages and ended its journey at a small attempt. I don’t want people to rely their future to those text messages. They don’t deserve to have those kinds of fate indicated to those non-sense messages. I want them to see that there is only one person indicating his plans in our lives, and that is God. I believe people who make those are just bored to death or maybe just lost and have not been directed to their real purpose in life.


As a Christian, I think it really tests our faith on what we stand to believe in. some who fall for these chain messages are those with little faith of what God can do for them. So I think, instead of passing those chain messages, try passing the good news and see where it can reach and what it can do to other people’s lives. Yes, I guess chain messages travel faster because people get scared. BUT the good news is much more powerful when taken in because it came from the most powerful, heavenly being, God. Once you received it, there is no turning back, AT ALL.


I challenge every one of us. When we receive those cursing/ threatening chain messages, immediately delete those and exchange it with the good news. Take one small step, everything will follow. Just like a domino.



Reply greatly appreciated!

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