AngLumang Paintbrush (An Old Paintbrush)

There are things in life that fades away. All things get old. But even if it’s old, some can still be used, probably by means of using them as another object.

We sometimes browse things from our room or things in the house. Things that we need to look for because we need to use them. We sometimes end up with things that we have already forgotten that we used to have. Sometimes we look at them for quite a while. Then eventually, we forget what we are really looking for, right?

Afterwards, we test it if it still works-if it was something that was working before or keep it if it’s an old memorabilia-then we begin to think about using it again and eventually keep it where we can easily find it. For things we’ve crafted before, like journals, portfolios, scrapbooks, photo albums, etc., we tend to look back and reminisce the times when you’ve made those and peek in to the past, no matter how happy or painful it was. Then, suddenly, we know and we can see the changes that have been made. When time passes by fast or slow, when things suddenly change, some people find it hard to cope. Even now-a-days, the new technologies made it hard for the oldies to understand the trend. Technologies paved the way for new languages that the older people seemed to find hard to comprehend.

What is the connection of this to the title? I supposed that you will be wondering. Well, in relation to arts, old paintbrushes are kind of a nuisance for some painters because it can tone a different color when re-used. Some painters on the other hand find it comfortable to work with because they have been using it for quite some time. But, guess what? Even paintbrushes can be outdated by technologies to. Modern painters use digital media. They can paint through pen tabs, applications that uses digital brushes/paints that turns out as good as those created with much more expensive paints and other art materials.

Despite the modernization, as artists, we tend to miss the old stuff because it’s what we were used to. Sometimes we feel that it’s much easier to deal with more expensive materials than learning new ways to express our inner creativity. I guess we can relate this to our faith.

Sometimes, we just wanted to rely to things that we were used to. We rely on things that we do that we think is ok because we have not been able to see and to feel the real deal. We think that we conform to the ‘in’ things without even bothering to think of what it really means to be doing those stuff. Then, at some pointin our lives, we came to know God. We were told to conform to people who ‘knows’ God. We are taught how to turn away from sin and stay focused to the path of the righteous. At some point in our lives, we agree and follow what has been taught. But at some point, it becomes hard to stay on that path and we tend to look back and want to go back to what we were before. However, because we want to do the right thing, we persevere, no matter how hard, we still try. Just like artists conforming to the modern world of arts, we sinners persevere to renew our lives and turn away from our sinful nature to conform to a holy life with Christ.


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