And it was a thing called LOVE (final edit)

I thought I didn’t feel the LOVE.

A thing of beauty,

a thing called LOVE.

That was an understatement.


I was unlovable and a fake

I was alone on that world of fate.

I had the chance to change that hate

But I blew it on my last take.


How come I felt that the world has gone?

It has left me cold with none.

Will I ever see myself become

what people would want I have done?


Self-worth! Self-worth, what have you done?

Would I run here or there at once?

To be hated, to be accepted?

Would i want to be corrected?


I want to feel that I belong.

I want to see what I have longed.

I want to know that You are here,

to keep me away from that evil smear.


That LOVE, That presence of yours…  is the thing called LOVE.


Reply greatly appreciated!

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