Top Five Favorite Excuses

As everyone barely knows, I am a Jedi when it comes to making excuses. Whether be it in school, at home, in meetings, with friends, or with occasions, I always get through without a glitch . Though, I rarely arrive late with appointments or deadlines because I love cramming and leaving early to maximize the time. However, there are times that I think too much to the point that I kind of mess up my reasoning skills and almost get caught making up excuses.

Well, I make up excuses as I go along and play with the person I’m giving my excuses to. Ha-ha!

Top 1: Sorry, I am very sick right now or like, I just got out of the hospital yesterday.

It actually works like a charm! I often use it in school to get away with research papers to buy me some time or getting excused from joining the class activities and the like. Most of the time it’s true anyways, since I often get sick.

Top 2: My phone battery went empty so I was not able to text you. I haven’t memorized your number… so yeah 🙂

It has worked a lot of times especially when getting away with curfews and late appointments. However, sometimes, it’s not as effective as is it meant to be especially with people who get that excuses a lot of times before. Most of the time though, it works so well that I get away with scolding or hard times.

Top 3: I’m going to school today to do some projects for my subjects.

Ha-ha! Works for me! As long as I tell them that I’m doing my school works, and threaten them that I’ll fail if I don’t go, I always get my way. 🙂 It also works when I’m getting away with house chores and invites that I don’t really want to attend but I don’t want to reject as is. Most of the times though, I don’t really go to school directly but half-way through, I change my route.

Top 4: (dumbest excuses to be late) Traffic! I got caught in a heavy traffic. All the cars aren’t moving for so long.

It’s the dumbest excuses for being late in school or in meetings but most of the time it’s true because people know that the traffic system in the Philippines is so irritating. That’s actually where we have the ” Filipino Time” wherein most countries look at us as always being late.

Top 5: (used to use it in every school I’ve been in) My ankle got broken so I have to wear open shoes (slippers)

I love this excuse! I use it whenever I want to wear slippers in school without being given a warning or an offense. Especially when student monitors will approach me, they couldn’t give me a warning. This is my oldest excuse but it works everytime! 🙂


Reply greatly appreciated!

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