Got this challenge from a mutual friend :)

30 Day Challenge
Day One: Top Five Favorite Excuses

Day Two: Top Five Favorite Books You’ve Read For School

Day Three: Top Five Names You Wish Were Yours

Day Four: Top Five Favorite Things About The Internet

Day Five: Top Five Places You’d Like To Live

Day Six: Top Five Things That Happened To You This Past Year

Day Seven: Top Five Favorite Historical Figures

Day Eight: Top Five Biggest Fictional Crushes

Day Nine: Top Five People You’d Like To Kill

Day Ten: Top Five Reasons You Feel The Way You Do Right Now

Day Eleven: Top Five Languages You Wish You Were Fluent In

Day Twelve: Top Five Trends/Styles You Abhor

Day Thirteen: Top Five Dream Jobs

Day Fourteen: Top Five Things You’d Do If You Had Magical Abilities

Day Fifteen: Top Five Favorite Beverages

Day Sixteen: Top Five Things In Life You’d Like An Explanation For

Day Seventeen: Top Five Favorite Things To Do Where You Live

Day Eighteen: Top Five Favorite Sporting Events

Day Nineteen: Top Five Favorite Sandwiches

Day Twenty: Top Five Most Annoying Celebrities

Day Twenty-One: Top Five Movies You Quote Constantly

Day Twenty-Two: Top Five Sexiest People Ever (Dead Or Alive)

Day Twenty-Three: Top Five Worst Teachers You’ve Ever Had

Day Twenty-Four: Top Five Things You Do During “Me-Time”

Day Twenty-Five: Top Five Products You Most Desire

Day Twenty-Six: Top Five Most Useful Inventions

Day Twenty-Seven: Top Five Most Annoying Things About Yourself

Day Twenty-Eight: Top Five Favorite TV Shows

Day Twenty-Nine: Top Five Biggest Guilty Pleasures

Day Thirty: Top Five Favorite Song Lyrics

starting Day 1 now 🙂


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