On the NPA

Some people are wondering, what is NPA? A popular belief is that the meaning of NPA is “no permanent address”. While this may be true of their condition now because they do live outside in the wild, the real meaning of NPA is the “New People’s Army” or in Filipino, “Bagong Hukbong Bayan” . Some people think that it is a group of rebels that are like terrorist. In fact, The US has labeled it “Foreign Terrorist Organization” and the EU has designated it as a terrorist group. Some says that they are people that harm the innocent to get the attention of the government. How about the good things that they do? Those that they fight for? Are we going to just believe what we do not see ourselves?

New People’s army can be traced to its roots from the HUKBALAHAP aka “Hukbong Bayan Laban sa mga Hapon”. It began operation on March 29, 1969. With its leader, José María Sison, the group’s intentions are often underrepresented. Sometimes even, they are caught up in a mess that they didn’t even intend to do. They are the same as everyone else. When in danger, they would do anything to protect themselves, intentional or unintentional. Often, even when they are only doing the things they do to protect themselves and their beliefs, they are always being represented as the bad guys. It’s not always the case. They have intentions just like the government does. They are not always the bad guys.

In our culture today, the NPAs are represented in many ways. In media, in print, in the internet, etc. All of which have many different interpretations as well. It’s always extreme. It’s either the good side or the bad side. Worst thing is, the NPAs don’t get to chose. They are used as pleased.

The NPA’s are communists in our country fighting for a “New Democracy”. We just hope and pray that the disparities between the government and the NPAs are to be ceased for the sake of the innocent. These unruly behaviors of the military government towards them and the innocent, and the NPAs towards the innocent are taking innocent lives and creating uneasiness to other countries forcing them to create foreign policies against travelling “being dangerous” in our country.


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