Mission 5, Objective 3

I’d rather give globalization a go. After all, the most recent breakthroughs not only in technology but also in sciences were the result of collaborative efforts of different specialists from around the world. Politics is another thing though. It does not always affect it positively. Sometimes it does, sometimes it backfires. In my opinion, usage of globalization is not after about using it 100% or not using it at all, but regulating its effect with the amount of regulation differing case by case. Some aspects may need more or less of restriction to globalization while some others are in dire need of the complete presence or absence of globalization (for a limited time, of course). The other things that globalization can apply to (e.g. Politics) can learn from how video game music did it. The regulation of globalization allowed the video game music (even though that “regulation” is really just technical restriction) to develop under both sides (pro- and anti-) and get the most and the best out of its developments.

Some may need time off from globalization but that does not mean that it will be like that for eternity. Doing that would result in the stagnation of development, which is as good as death (change is life, after all). Some others are in dire need of globalization to escape stagnation, it does not mean that it will be like that for eternity either. Saturation can lead to death as well when all the new developments of a certain aspect becomes more and more similar to the previous one due to the lesser restrictions which force people to get creative. In conclusion, as said before, it’s about regulation, but right now, the entire world seems to need for more globalization to combat various issues such as health care, human rights enforcement, and employment.


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