Mission 5, Objective 2

Video game music is one such aspect that has seen both the pro- and anti-globalization and have grown under these ideas.  Originally, as video game music was based on chips and silicons which could not do much back in the earlier days (1980s) forced video game composers to get creative with their compositions. This resulted in two distinct video game musical styles. Early Japanese games often used music derived from heavy metal and j-pop while Western games usually relied on Electronic (e.g. Command and Conquer). It it also worth noting that video game music itself was distinct from the musical style of films and televisions. These examples showed the non-usage of globalization that resulted in completely different developments of the genre that lived side by side.

As technology further improved, so did musical freedom for video game composers. The growing interest for video game music to be heard outside video games prompted developers to release albums of the said music which grew the audience from their respective players to the whole of the video game community. Many Western game players became familiar with Japanese video game music and Japanese players made known the existence of Western game music. Furthermore, as even non-players started to pick up on video game music, people in general blurred the difference between video game music and film and television music.  Nowadays, video game and other music usually overlap one another in terms not only of quality but also style. Video game composers themselves found the ability to shift from video game composition to film and television composition much easier due to the improvements of technology (e.g. Michael Giacchino) which allowed them to break out of the 8- and 16-bit musical styles. These examples, on the other hand, showed the pro- aspect of globalization which not only expanded the capabilities of video game music but also allowed it to seamlessly blend with other forms of music.

Clearly, video game music benefited both from isolation and globalization, proving that globalization is really a two-faced aspect. It is neither absolutely good or bad, it depends on what it applies to and when it takes effect.


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