Mission 5, Objective 1

Unless someone is a fanatic nationalist, that someone has at least more than zero percent of globalization running through ever part of his life. In other words, yes, by default, everyone is globalized, one aspect of life or another. I’m pretty sure that I’m very well globalized. For starters, most of the perks brought by the advancement of technology is not merely caused by a single multi-national corporation. They are caused by an MNC that operates from SEVERAL countries. Take the iPod, for example. At the back of its box or inside its manual (I can’t exactly remember where) states that it came from California where its owning company, Apple Inc., operates. Another message can be found that states that the iPod was assembled in China. Of course, the production of an iPod is not as simple as “here’s the materials, build them elsewhere” yet it is enough to see the globalized process in this product. Whether business entity in charge of assembling iPods in China are owned by Apple or not still reinforces the fact that Apple is operating across different countries (sometimes through different non-owned companies). Another thing worth noting is the desktop computer. Though the specific computer package that I have came from Acer (a Taiwan-based computer company), the multitudes of parts and cards inside the case come not only from different companies which either owns the product wholly or licensed the product for manufacturing and selling in the Asian region from another company, which most of the time operates on another country. A specific case would be my computer’s graphics card which was manufactured and sold by a Taiwan-based Sparkle which in turned licensed the technology and the manufacturing rights of the graphics card from US-based Nvidia.

Even non-technological products are subject to globalization. Take Reader’s Digest, for example. It is an US-based magazine yet it’s Asian distribution headquarters (RD Asia Pacific and Latin America) is situated in Southeast Asia. Furthermore, the distribution and marketing duties for the Philippines is handled by Philippine-based A-Z Direct Marketing. Two different companies (and one branch), working together to provide the reading needs of those who frequently seek the magazine.

In this day age, it’s pretty safe to say that unless explicitly stated otherwise, everything we buy and have is globalized one way or the other. Don’t even say that Agriculture is safe from globalization. Where do you think the materials and fertilizers used to grow them come from? And even if they did come from within our borders, where did the technology, license, and capital come from? Globalization is a vast web of interdependence, some are subtle and irrelevant, some are obvious and crucial to the survival of the economy. Either way, it’s all over the place (even at your home!), mostly unseen and unrecognized except when MNC’s are involved.


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