Mission 3, Objective 3

Should non-state actors rise up one day and overcome or depose states as primary actors in international relations, the global or regional (depending if the disposition happens only on specific parts or everywhere) political map will be redrawn. Instead of alliances between states, it will be alliances between states of the same advocacy against other states who share other or outright antagonistic advocacies (in comparison to the former ones). There will be “UNs” everywhere and a state’s significance will not be determined by its territorial size or its other aspects (military, economic, etc.) but by the advocacy/ies that it stands upon.  Of course, with the non-dissolution of states and their inclusion into non-state activities will mean that the “powered-up” non-state actors will become IGOs. This is not very different from how it is today with many states joining IGOs (as opposed to joining NGOs until they become IGOs), the subtle difference that will remain will be about how states interact and construct their foreign policies on one another. Currently, states interact on the basis of their own needs and goals. In the changed world, states will interact based on the urgency and the mission of the specific advocacies and that they will almost always act in groups as opposed to acting alone or in alliances which may not even share the same ideologies.


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