Mission 3, Objective 2

At some point in our lives, we’ve been part of something. Sometimes even small enough that we thought it never did anything or change something. You know what? I don’t believe that our small decisions doesn’t change anything at all. Observe! There’s got to be something manifesting that somewhere. We’ve been participating in lots of events for a cause. maybe sometimes we just overlook them thinking that it is not that important.

I’ve started attending and organizing volunteer programs since I was around 6 years old. Some of these involved play therapy for juvenile delinquents, painting and reorganizing city’s public parks, Marian rallies, anti-smoking rallies, feeding programs, countless orphanage visits, adult livelihood training programs, CWTS, etc. Recently, I’ve joined the WYA and I was kinda hoping I could participate in the world youth day happening this August but it was such a short notice. Anyway, my groupmates and I tried that site where we just have to click on something and voila. We already sort of contributed something, even at small steps, we could pursue something big… it takes a lot of effort and patience, I know, but we’ll manage! -Mikx

So, this objective “ACT” tells us that we could gather up and lobby for our common cause. I want to include here my other class’ project which is to group ourselves into 3 to 5 people and find a cause we believe in — except humanitarian issues — and do something about it as citizens. So far, my groupmates and I have been doing pretty slow to manage the project but it’s already forming. We believe in the fact that NPA’s are just misjudged, misunderstood, and underrepresented in our current government. That is why my groupmates and I decided to kind of make people aware at the first level and then pushing it on social media, newspapers, internet, and branches of government offices. We would like the government to be unbiased and try to listen to the cries of not only ordinary civilians but also, most especially, those who go to such lengths of risking their lives to lobby their disappointments and concerns to the government who literally wash their hands pretending that these “NPA’s” are the bad guys and they are the good guys. That is such a brainwashing lie, don’t you think? If the government finds a way to disregard this matter that is, for them, a work of a nutjob, then now we’re pushing for equal rights and treatments. They’re not just those bunch of foreigners who are controlling are biggest economies in our country. Come to think of it, those Chinese tycoons have more rights to speak than our own countrymen. That is just down right stupid on the part of the government. It’s time for us to crash their party!

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