Mission 1, Objective 2

The Global North and Global South have their own problems and agendas in helping itself or one another. Each and every one of us can take part in solving these problems concerning poverty whether we live in a global south or global north. Donations of money, clothes, and food can be the standard help we can give, since it very easy to do and it can help a lot. Education is one of the most important things we can give that can help in the long run. Just simply volunteering to be a teacher during your free time and trying to be the best at it can help people solve some of their own problems, because of what they were able to learn. Another thing we can do is to help nurse the impoverished or sickly poor people. We can do this by simply give some time to take care of these people, or better yet share some belongings such as your home or bed until they feel well. Cleaning the environment and providing more efficient ways to support the poor people will also help in the long run, because they will be able to live in a safe, healthy and efficient environment for them to develop. What is meant by providing more efficient ways is doing things such as making plans to improve the facilities of a school, hospital or way of housing for the poor. We can also ask people and the government to help, if ever we plan in helping the poor. There are many other ways we can do as individuals and as a society in helping the poor. It is up to us whether we should act or not to these problems concerning poverty. Once poverty is decreased within a Global South, the country will be able to move forward and improve more in itself.


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