Mission 1, Objective 1

A Third World Farmer game in progress.

In our current situation, the Global South can be undeniably described as heavily dependent on the Global North and its organizations (such as the IMF and the World Bank).  The provisions and agreements, however, favor the Global North over the Global South. This can be exemplified in a way that the Global South provides the raw materials that the Global North needs to build its technology which it then sells to the South.  The unfair practices by the Global North could be exemplified by its tendency to invest more in its own technological development. The Global South has the materials and also the capability to develop its own technology but it is missing one crucial component: investment. The Global South needs financing to develop its own technology counterpart to the Global North but the Global North does not give much attention the technological endeavor of the Global South, focusing on its own developments instead.

It can, therefore, be said that the Global North has the Global South by the neck, but the Global South does not interpret this as a threat or exploitation, it rather sees this as a good enough opportunity for trade (an unequal trade, to be precise). For the Global South, being held by the Global North by the neck and being exploited with unequal activities is better than being ignored and left to stagnate.

The Global South also does not merely take the unequal practices of the Global North for granted but also bears the brunt of whatever activities that the Global North has conducted and are still conducting.  For example, a report by the University of Winconsin-Madison states from the Global South, while the least contributors to Global Warming, take most of the effect of the phenomenon. This can be exemplified by the US, Canada, and Russia being the largest Global Warming contributor by geographical size yet the states on Southern Africa receive the most deaths related to climate change.  The Global North may not intended this to happen yet it again puts the Global South into the unlucky position.

Furthermore, this inequality is not limited to the global level of analysis and can also be seen in the individual level. For example, take the game “Third World Farmer” where you start out as a very poor farmer with only certain crops and several dollars amount of money to work with. From time to time, various natural and human phenomenon will take its toll on your farm such as death of a livestock, refugees and guerrillas stealing your harvest, and forest fires. These events undoes the efforts of the farmers, making it harder for them to survive by trade alone, just like how it is hard for Global South states to survive by trade alone with the Global North.

A possible solution to this problem would be for the Global South’s technological capacity to improve to more or less the same levels as the Global North’s. As mentioned earlier, the Global South needs sufficient investment and financing to develop its own technologies. Currently, there is financing that comes from the Global North states and NGOs but the disparity of the levels of investment between Global North and Global South technology is too large. The Global South needs more. The Global South can then use this financing to uplift their states from every aspects (economically, medically, etc). The Global North also needs to ease up on the conditions that they tie-in with every deals with the Global South.  Currently, when the Global South asks for help, the Global North provides along with certain conditions that harms the other aspects of the Global South before it can even grown enough to be able to handle such conditions.

In the end, the solutions for the disparity between the Global North and the Global South are underway, but the provisions, agreements, and conditions set forth by the Global North turns these solutions into opportunities to exploit the Global South, not to help it grow. If these inequalities are ironed out, the Global South may go on a fast track to growth and development. In shorter words, the Global North needs  to start giving more and stop taking too much (what counts as “more” and “too much” comes from the Global South’s perceptions).


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