Life is A Matter of Choice

People believed in destiny. Their faith relies on destiny itself. It refers to what there is for us in God’s hands and to what we are born to be in this world. God controls your destiny if you will surrender to him your life. He makes you a warrior to protect his kingdom. He gives everything you need of this word–basically food, shelter, and spiritual nourishment. You will know more of Him when you read and understand his words. You will know your destiny if you answer his call and listen to Him carefully. He guides you through the path of righteousness and bless you more and more if you just believe.

You don’t need to compromise with him because God is a superb, all powerful, and limitless God. He is unlike any other. Never reason out excuses to Him because he always watches you.

People has different views about the meaning of life. It has different principles depending on the practices of a certain religion. Life on my perspective is a life of CHOICES. People live their life out of choices. We decide of things that are in our control. Sometimes, we make the wrong decisions and blame God. Those are some of the times when people tend to backslide. Some of them backslide because of temptations. These temptations are also the cause of wrong decisions.

God let us make wrong decisions and mistakes because He wants us to learn. We become stronger and more equipped to be able to face challenges in our quest for greatness. He prepares us in every battle that come our way. Sometimes we tend to close our eyes and ears for we can’t take anymore challenges. That means that we don’t trust God fully for if we do, we let Him do things to our lives and correct our negative attitudes.

Our choices relies much on our emotions. For some, only a small part of our decision-making relies solely on our trust in God. Our emotions are sometimes stained with anger and negative feelings towards other people. But hey, we’re imperfect right? We commit mistakes. However, that doesn’t mean that we can make it as an excuse to do bad. But we can use that weakness to be more stronger. Although we need more effort to become strong, God still plays a greater part in our lives–if we let him to.



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