! Sep 28, ’09 4:24 AM

It was a very weird day… friday night was raining so hard… saturday morning… its was raining lightly so all of us in the high school department have classes.

I went to school, covered with water from the rain. Didnt take midterms cuz all the PAPRISA athletes haven’t had class for a week (2weeks max). We didn’t think that it was going to flood that deep so we went to Parkwood to have fun ’till 12pm.. Had ICE CREAM with the ADIKS. KARAOKE also and ung VIDEO ni Jessa :)) IT WAS SO FUN :)).

Went back to school (walked into the thigh lenght flood).. Was crying real hard cuz I accidentally drank a little flood water cuz of my broken slipper. :))

Got stranded in school WET all over. Dont have any clean clothes (all were smelly)

Had burger bun with cheese for dinner. Burger bun with egg with no salt and alil’bit of bacon and ketchup and mayo for breakfast. Drinks for dinner, tetra pack juices. Drinks for Breakfast Milk, Coffee, water and tetra pack juices. Kenneth’s mom gave us Hotdogs and Ham with rice for Lunch. (Aice and me cooked for bfast, yay!) Girls prepared the foods 🙂

Slept in the admin office (beds were from the clinic). Had a slight chills (and fever).We were forced to wash our clothes and dry it outside. Bought clothes in school unexpectedly (I thought it would be free since we were stranded!!!). Played Basketball and volleyball :). Took a bath in the CR with only a small TOWEL for the 3 of us, Aice, Jem and me. played Resident Evil Survivor SHAP edition with DEAN. Told stories late at night.

SIR CORPUZ and SIR MIKE WERE SNORING :)) we cant sleep well…

STRANDED with no signal (all of them were globe users). I was the only one whom they could contact. My Battery went low… My camera’s battery got empty :)) NO ELECTRICITY… Only thing’s working were the emergency light, Jem’s itouch and my lil MP3.

ANSWERED the PHONE (“SACRED HEART ACADEMY of PASIG, GOOD AFTERNOON”) upside down!! :)) blooper moments :)) Ghost hunting…

During our stay, since Im so thin, I get to go over the bakod in the snack area. And over the bakod in the clothes store (before that, went inside the window of the pre-school library).

During the morning of sunday, we saw an old man passing by infront of our school. HE was singing kwando kwando :)) LOL so funny!!!! there were alot of passerbys that we laughed about. Then those guys wants us to ride the bamboo shots to go home… NO WAY :))

Saturday night were down to 15 people:

Fourth year: Me, Aice, Jem, Rocco, Dean,

Admin: Sir Mike,Sir Corpuz

1st year: Tricia, Rowie

2nd year: John

Others: Driver of Rocco, Dean’s Parents, Kuya Mario, the guard

Sina Jay, sumugod sa Flood :)) Jessa and Anjie went to parkwood sumugod din sa baha :))


Reply greatly appreciated!

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