Break Up Poem..

Dec 24, ’08 10:38 AM

To whom it may concern, (i hope you read this)

well its just a random thought anyways… hahaha dont be fooled..

I bowed my head down
one cold winter time
on bended knees touched on the ground
my hands reached up to the sky
while tears flowed unsteadily from my eyes.

I asked myself why..
why does it have to be this way?
Dont I get another chance?
Why suddenly a change of heart?

You told me you would be there for me
you promised me you’d never leave me
you said I am your forever
Why do you have to promise
when you know youre gonna break it!

You played with the heart
you suddenly broke it apart
you shouldn’t have done that
if you knew from the start
that you yourself would tear us apart

And now I’m torn to pieces
I dont know how to put me back together
I’ve been living my life in your lies
I thought i could trust you
but you proved me wrong
now you pay the price
when you mess up with my life

You can have that damn girl
I dont care anymore
cuz I know you’ll just do the same
and you’ll be living in shame

I’ll be moving on now…
You’ll just be a vague memory..


Reply greatly appreciated!

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