Untitled Poem

When I was left alone

I thought that I wouldn’t live

My life became dull… as dark as the moonless sky

Darkness filled my life, affecting me truly

But then, when I thought the world was crashing down

you came into my life

you saved me from the danger

you made yourself known to me

after a long time, I felt that I belong

in your family I felt at home

I feel secured when I hold on to you

all challenges I surpass because of my faith in you.

I wanna know more of you

I wanna see you…

I wanna feel you in my life

But the world keeps me away from you…

However, faith is what keeps me waiting.

waiting for the time to have a glimpse of you

waiting to hear your voice…

waiting for eternity to be with you..

in peace and happiness forever.. =)


Reply greatly appreciated!

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